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Introducing Fatum

Gambling lives in our soul, our spirit and is part of who we are. Each of us has something within us which hopes to risk and to win. Sometimes however, the experiences we have when gambling fall far short of the excitement we had hoped for. The reason for that is there often persists a feeling within us that something just isn’t right and that perhaps not everyone is playing with the same level of integrity.

If you’ve ever played a game of chance at the casino you may know the feeling, that gnawing sense of uncertainty about whether the game is truly fair. How exactly can you know if that number was truly random? How can you be sure that something was not changed or altered along the way? What if someone can see the cards or the numbers before you can? In order for gamblers to enjoy their games there needs to be some method of checking and verifying that these games are truly honest.

From Past to Present

The earliest recorded evidence of gambling dates back to China in 2,300 BC, but the activity was practiced by both the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks and many other civilisations around the world. For this reason we can be certain that gambling played a role in the culture of many different civilisations throughout history. In the internet age gambling has become a truly global phenomenon, with all varieties of people and nationalities taking part.

Online gambling has created issues of its own, primarily in the trust department. The big question is what can be done to restore that trust. The computer systems at large online casinos are only as reliable as the casinos who run them. If those people aren’t trustworthy then the system is compromised. A system in which every gambler can check the inner workings of the machine is the only option. Blockchain technology makes it possible to record random numbers on a ledger and to make that ledger available to all after the game. What is more that ledger cannot be altered after the fact.

That’s Fatum

With Fatum punters can check the random numbers after the game and ensure that nothing was tampered with during the course of the game. Fatum will open itself to a series of checks, balances and in depth analysis beyond anything ever attempted. By design it is the most fair and transparent gambling platform created. It unites players on one platform and then lifts the lid of the machine to allow all to examine the inner workings. It is a gaming platform which allows players to compete with each other while enjoying complete peace of mind.

Fatum allows players to participate in two gaming modes. Tournament is the first and allows all players to enter a game with the same amount of funds and compete until a winner is found. In tournament mode players can’t leave the game before the end or they forfeit the game. In live mode players can enter with a variable amount of funds and leave when they like.

Centralised gambling sites are susceptible not only to unscrupulous administrators, but to players and hackers. With all of the information held in one place there is a huge security risk. Fatum will never tolerate hackers and cheats and blockchain technology will prevent them gaining a foothold. Fatum favours nothing other than the dice roll of the gods.

And Beyond

We love the world of online gambling, it is in our spirit and our soul, but we have created Fatum as a place beyond simple games of chance. The Fatum experience will host a range of competitive games, each with their own reward. Fatum players will be able to choose between games of skill and strategy, games of chance and a mix of the two.

As gamblers it is time we had a platform that matched our ambitions. Fatum is a platform created for dreamers, for the bold of heart and for the risk takers in us all. Finally we have that place. That place is called Fatum.


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