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Launch of Personal Tokens – the platform for tokenizing people

Now everyone can easily issue their own token. Launch of Personal Tokens – the user-friendly platform for tokenizing people.

Personal Tokens is an innovative platform where you can easily verify and tokenize yourself. Based on the believe that a personal token issuance is a basic human right and that by decentralizing money issuance fairer and more equal society is being built, the Personal Token platform is creating an infrastructure for the new emerging economy based on privately issued tokens backed with real people. Tokens might be created by anyone, and the company predicts that in the future, every token backed by real person will have a value – and this might change lives of billions of people.

Pioneers of the age of tokenization.
The Personal Tokens platform is a place where you can create your personal token in an easy way by simply verifying yourself in several ways, e.g. via Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and MetaMask. The aim is to create the place that gathers the owners of personal tokens and provides them with tools they may need for promoting them and reaching their potential users. To put it simply – the Personal Tokens Platform can be described as something like CoinMarketCap, Facebook and Amazon for personal tokens where you will be able to find information about tokens, their owners, products, services, prices and much more.

Mentioned in several magazines including Forbes – Personal Token’s CEO & Founder, Szczepan Bentyn , popular speaker at blockchain conferences, co-author of the book ‘’Cryptocurrency’’ and author of numerous expert articles, pioneered the personal tokens economy and issued BentynCoin – one of the first personal tokens in the world. He mentions – ‘’when talking about personal tokens, one needs to make one thing clear – this is a new, fresh market, unintelligible to the old market and ever more by the old financial system. At the same time, it frees up incredible potential lying dormant in people. In future everyone will be able to pay in their own currency and this process is unstoppable.’’
The first 1000 users who will tokenize through the platform will receive the early adopters bonus of 1000 PERSON, the platform’s utility tokens.

Personal Tokens website:
Press Contact:
Name: Katie Jakubowska – Community Manager
Email address: [email protected]

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