Libonomy – Next Gen Blockchain Network

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What is Libonomy?

Libonomy is an open-source platform to create decentralized solutions. Libonomy offers the industry’s fastest blockchain to provide developers and business owners with a scalable, efficient and interoperable environment with many new key features that improve user experience and lower costs.

  • Transaction speed (6000 TPS +)
  • Dynamic updates (no interruptions, no forks ever)
  • Interoperability (first blockchain that can communicate with all other)
  • Scalability (Best at growing in real-world environment)
  • Security (Libonomy is not susceptible to any security issues)
  • Decentralized and Fair (Rewards for nodes are distributed in more honest way)


Libonomy pooling system

There are four different types of pools. Each pool side is different.

  1. Power Pool

The main pool where the transactions are verified and validated.

  1. Exploit Finding Pool

EF Pool guarantees the security of the network.

  1. Maintenance Pool

These are backup nodes that are assigned into their respective pool.

  1. Audit Pool

This is assigned for the application of rules and regulations.


How does Libonomy work?

Libonomy blockchain network system

  1. Nodes become part of the network.
  2. Power Index of nodes is gathered and submitted to AI Consensus.
  3. The AI consensus engine will generate dataset of the nodes.
  4. The AI will classify and assign nodes their respective pool.
  5. Gossip communication takes place between multiple node pools.
  6. Virtual Voting will upgrade the pools.
  7. Data will be shared.
  8. The network becomes a distributed network.

Problems solved by Libonomy BLOCKCHAIN

  1. Libonomy has removed the incompetent ancient algorithms providing an updated version of the consensus algorithms combined developed on an AI engine.
  2. Libonomy’s AI consensus solves the problem of unfair means of distribution of resources on the network by letting each node participate equally.
  3. Bitcoin allows 7 TPS and Ethereum allows 15 TPS, Libonomy operates with the base speed of 6000 TPS which will scale overtime
  4. Libonomy solves scalability issues and improves efficiency.
  5. Libonomy has bridged the gap between blockchain that have been working silos, thus improving inter-chain communication issues.
  6. Solved the problem of centralization with a decentralized blockchain all the way.

Libonomy Blockchain features

  • Fully autonomous blockchain
  • Multi-layer blockchain
  • Multi-pool consensus
  • Upgradable state engine
  • AI consensus algorithm
  • Completely decentralized
  • Smart contract technology
  • Fork-free upgrade
  • Multi-currency wallet technology
  • Fast communication using signal passing
  • Scalable
  • Dynamic block size
  • Dynamic TPS



  • Fully trusted decentralized blockchain platform providing multi- factor authentication to keep transactions safe.
  • Error free engine with higher capabilities of Artificial Intelligence: automated computation technology that keep capability of:

○ Transparency

○ Saves energy

○ Learning and adopt where needed

○ Joining the system with keeping a check on background

○ Predict the future behavior

○ Make sure of unwanted scam happenings

  • More secure with high performance
  • Scalable (competing with huge volume of transactions at a high


  • Interoperable wallets (interact with other cryptocurrencies on a

single platform)

  • User-friendly
  • Pooling system is up-to-date and efficient.
  • Hybrid system: Public and Private blockchain system are

integrated together to give the best of both worlds.

  • The SDK will help create new mainnets.

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