Making your own token with 2key as easy as making scrambled eggs in the morning



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It might sound funny or ridiculous, but in 2019 making your own token campaign is as easy as making your morning scrambled eggs. All thanks to 2key. In this article, I will describe step by step how I was able to make my own tokens with 2key.

Let’s start

First of all, you need to make an account on 2key platform since you are able to open your browser I believe you have enough skill to make an account there.

Step 1

Just select the start campaign button.

Step 2

This will appear select create your page and go on.

Step 3

In the next step, you can choose what is the page category like business, personal etc… As well as page name and handle.

Step 4

After we successfully created our page we can select create a new campaign and select the campaign type.

Step 5

next step is to create or to connect the wallet

Step 6

Then you can start to create your very own token.

Step 7

Selecting the token name, ticker, total supply + image is fast and simple

Step 8

After you create your own token you can choose them for your campaign and set the token price in USD or ETH.

Step 9

Setting up more details like your soft and hardcap, tokens available for token sale, Bonuses if you want and if you want to can set up detailed token lockups.

Step 10

The referral game theory is very complex in 2key ecosystem. In this step, you are choosing the % that you are willing to give to the users that will bring more people to your campaign.

You can choose between Vanilla or Manual reward split.

Vanilla- In the vanilla model, the contractor can choose between a few pre-set models of referral reward program.

types of pre-set referral programs rewards

Manual- In the manual option, the users can choose how much they will give to themselves and how much they will give to their referrals. It will be interesting to see how this game theory will develop since people need to find the perfect balance between the reward split. Since they need to get the chain going, but on the other hand, they want some bigger rewards as well.

example of manual reward distribution

I will dive more into the 2key referral game theory later in the article, for now, let’s move on.

Step 11

After all the steps you can see you have the one last chance to check all the stuff and deploy a new contract. As you can see you need some ETH to cover the transaction fee.

Step 12

For the last step, you need to send the among tokens required to the contract address. After this step, you are good to go with your marketing campaign.

After all your campaign dashboard will look like this.

You can find all important info there as current progress, participant’s details and referral graph.

Participants details
Referral graph

The referral game theory

As I promised we will look at the 2eky referral game theory. It will be just a small recap, however, if you want I can make a more complex article in the future.

All start with the contractor initiating the contract. as you can see in the graph above. If someone will fulfill the contractor’s desire like investing, or doing some task will become a convertor.

The contractor with his campaign start is going throw layer 1 (public immutable blockchain)

Thanks to the state hash everyone knows where is his place in the graph as it’s pegged to the person that was before him not to the contractor.

Every browser that opens the campaign via a referral link is acting as a decentralized node.

The browser link contains code hash, state hash, and javascript.

Thanks to global and local reputation and fulfilments of the contractor conditions the system is able to provide rewards to the nodes that are doing some action.

If you want to read more about this check out this link

Link to my campaign

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