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Preceding the launch is Metapalooza, the first VR culture festival, featuring a performance from 3LAU

Chicago, IL – January 13, 2021 – Metapurse, a crypto-based initiative that owns the largest known collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), announced today the launch of a new NFT bundle called B.20. B.20 will tokenize one of the most historic and valuable art collections in the NFT (non-fungible token) space, the Beeple Everydays: The 2020 Collection, and three newly built custom VR museums in Cryptovoxels, Somnium Space, and Decentraland.

The news succeeds the Metapurse public announcement on January 4th that shared they successfully acquired the twenty 1/1 Beeple artworks for ~$2.2m. The record-breaking auction occurred on Nifty Gateway over the weekend of December 11th, 2020.

Significantly, B.20 is a unique NFT bundle that has never occurred before. It allows token holders to own a share not just of valuable NFT art, but also of three custom VR museums. The museums, created by VR architect studio Voxel Architects, have themselves become public works of art. Over 500+ man hours have been invested in the structures’ architecture, which are located on some of the most highly sought after virtual real estate.

To celebrate the B.20 token launch on January 23, Metapurse is hosting Metapalooza – the first ever public and free cultural festival in Cryptovoxels, Somnium Space, and Decentraland. The event will feature a live virtual performance from popular American DJ and electronic dance music producer 3LAU, who has performed at some of the most popular music festivals around the world and has fans expanded well beyond the crypto community. With a festival of this scale open to all, Metapurse aims to create a symbolic event that will celebrate metaverse art, music, and culture.

Metapurse, financed by Metakovan and operated jointly with Twobadour, captures the zeitgeist of the NFT movement, acquiring culturally pivotal NFTs: for instance, the largest estate of virtual land, the first ever NFT released by F1, or the first ever programmable work of art. As such, their acquisition of the Beeple Everydays: The 2020 Collection was an organic next step. Since 2017, the team has already built a diverse, evolving portfolio of various NFTs valued at over $3.2 million (excluding the Beeple bundle) in a third party audit from NonFungible.

Twobadour, the Metapurse steward, further explained the project: “Acquiring the Beeple 2020 collection was only the first step of what we wanted to accomplish for the Metaverse. We were inspired by the idea of not only being able to own the Mona Lisa, but also being able to own the museum it was displayed in, and then sharing that ownership and experience with the public. That is the purpose of B.20. Making money with art is fairly simple and not very imaginative. What we want to do is to decentralize and democratize art – so token holders everywhere can share in a valuable piece of history. And in the process, create wealth for the entire community.”

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