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Naoris to Rollout Blockchain-Based Cybersecurity in the Middle East

Launched in 2018, Naoris is the world’s first holistic blockchain-based cybersecurity ecosystem, bringing a game-changing solution to address 35 years’ worth of industry practice through the unrivaled security of a distributed consensus backed rule system.

Naoris offers the next generation of cybersecurity for organisations, highly regulated industry and typically hard to defend environments, including governments, the military, and nation state agencies.

Naoris will introduce the first-ever blockchain-based cybersecurity system across IT Networks in the Middle East. It follows launch of the ‘Dubai Cyber Security Strategy’ by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Dubai-headquartered IT solutions company PROW has agreed to utilise Noaris’ AI and blockchain-based platform to help secure its clients’ networks. PROW manages IT projects across a range of sectors including government, healthcare and retail.

Naoris and PROW have signed a partnership that will include a thorough assessment of PROW’s Middle East framework, following implementation of Naoris’ ecosystem across PROW’s key data infrastructures. The agreement will provide a robust system for PROW as it delivers cloud-based solutions and digital transformations for leading tech companies. PROW’s partners include Cisco and HP.

Multiple high profile infrastructure, construction, IT and government projects in the Middle East has necessitated the requirement for robust cybersecurity networks. Analysts at International Data Corporation (IDC) predict that the cybersecurity market within the region will double over the coming four years to $22.14bn in 2022 (up from $11.38bn in 2017).


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