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Nebulas, the next-generation blockchain featuring a universal value-ranking mechanism, has released the development roadmap for the next-phase of its main network (mainnet), Nebulas v2.0 Nova, which it plans to launch at the end of 2018.

The new mainnet will introduce two core functions:

  1. Nebulas Rank (NR), which will provide a native on-chain and quantifiable standard to value on-data by quantifying the contribution of specific accounts on the blockchain while taking stock of the blockchain’s aggregate economy at the macro-level.
  2. Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP), which will provide a native on-chain incentive for developers to build blockchain applications and smart contracts that drive value on the Nebulas blockchain.

Together, NR and DIP will enable Nebulas Nova to bring order to what is currently a messy blockchain data landscape. This will enable users to easily gauge and discover valuable applications on the Nebulas blockchain. To support the stable operation and upgradability of NR and DIP, Nebulas Nova will be built atop the underlying structure of LLVM. Moreover, the NR algorithm will be stored on Nebulas mainnet blocks, fully open-sourced, and transparent.

The Nebulas Nova mainnet was first announced when the Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper was published in Q2 2018, and will come after the release of Nebulas v.1.0 mainnet Eagle Nebula. Since its launch in March 2018, the first iteration of the Nebulas mainnet has stood steady for more than 6 months, standing heavy usage and other tests. To date, Eagle Nebula features 240,000 accounts, 11,000 smart contracts, and 6,800 DApps, far exceeding the number of smart contracts (double) and dapps (triple) on Ethereum.

The rapid evolution of the blockchain sector means technical requirements and capabilities are being upgraded everyday. To meet the requirements for modern blockchains and community members, Nebulas constantly strives to cultivate its inner power, or ‘neigong’ as the concept is described in Daoist philosophy.

With this in mind, the Nebulas v.2.0 Nova  mainnet will come with a number of performance upgrades. Nebulas Rank, Nebulas Incentive Protocol, and the execution environment of Nebulas will all be completed to coincide with the release of Nebulas Nova in Q4 2018. This means Nebulas will be the first public chain to feature a native developer incentive built into the blockchain. With this, Nebulas Nova will become an even better place for both community developers and community members, in addition to achieving a significant leap in performance.

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