New wallet Vigvam has launched a private beta and invites testers to join

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On 8 July, Vigvam wallet announced its official launch, and at the moment, the team invites beta testers to join. The most active users will be rewarded with Vigvam NFT Pro, which gives access to advanced(PRO) mode in extra wallet features: multi-signature functionality, portfolio management, token rebalance, etc. All testing is conducted with new wallets in testnets only. No real funds are involved.


What is Vigvam?

Vigvam claims to be the most convenient open-source wallet for web 3.0 applications that support EVM-based blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, Avalanche, and others. Currently, the team is developing Vigvam as a web extension for Chrome and Firefox. The founder of the wallet is Sergey Pashchenko, the senior lead developer who has already created one of the most popular wallets for Tezos – the Temple wallet.


Vigvam has many advantages in comparison with the current solutions. Some of them are:

  • Multi-chain support from the box
  • Advanced dApp interaction settings
  • Metamask compatible mode
  • Possibility to work with several dApps in different blockchains at once
  • Transaction management tab
  • Ledger and Trezor support
  • In-app profiles


Team plans constantly update the wallet functionality, including a separate NFT section, swaps, portfolio, etc. All feedback from the community is warmly welcomed.

To participate in testing, users may use VMEDBETA promo code to join. More information might be found on their blog.

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