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Next Russian Presidential Elections Will Use The Blockchain For Data Record

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In 2018 the Russian presidential election will use the blockchain technology to record and protect the results and data of the exit polls.

The official announcement was made on the platform of the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTSIOM). The Russian presidential elections will take place on March 18. This event is going to be one of the first of its kind.

According to VTSIOM, the blockchain will only be used to store the information, the data and the results of the exit polls. The Russian institution will work with 2Chain, an agency that provides marketing solutions for initial coin offerings (ICOs). The marketing company will offer its consultations for the day of the elections.

The results of the election will be displayed on a newly created website. According to VTSIOM, the site will be functional starting March 12. The use of blockchain technology in this particular case is a test made by the Russian government, and if the experiment is successful, VTSIOM will start a program dubbed Digital VTSIOM. The creators of the program have stated that the roadmap for the project will begin in 2018 and end in 2021.

Russia has been known for its controversy regarding presidential elections, and this year a new one will rise. While in other democratic countries, the voters have the right not to divulge with whom they have voted, the Russians stated that during the voting sessions, a group of consultants will ask and record the voter’s chosen option.

Anyway, the Russian research center added that they had selected the blockchain technology in order to increase the security and transparency of the upcoming elections.

“It is a very important project in every way. Important for our center, for the research industry, for the elections in Russia. So far, in the exit polls, we had to close the site on election day so that it would not be attacked by DDoS attacks and other piracy attempts made by numerous anonymous hackers. Surveys in the blockchain has not yet been implemented in the world (…) We have a real possibility on March 18 to show the world exactly how this can be done.” Valery Fyodorov, General Director at VTSIOM

Denis Terekhov from 2Chain stated that they are happy to be selected as pioneers in the field of democracy and that this a motivating an ambitious task for the agency.

By Marius-Gabriel Ciobanu @ 

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