Offshore Bitcoin – Making a Breakthrough In DEX Trading

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Cryptocurrency has gained a global stage in recent years and is taking the world by storm with the huge benefits it offers. After its introduction of Cryptocurrency, It has redefined every industry sector around the globe and created endless opportunities for businesses and Investors to gain profits through various ways.

Did you Know? According to Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study, There are around 101 million users of cryptocurrency around the world. Many businesses and Investors are already utilizing crypto to raise funds, make transactions, make investments, and Gain Profits.

Do you want to Join this Ever Growing Community? Here is your Big Opportunity waiting.

Yes, Invest in Offshore Bitcoin today. Gain Crypto-Trading benefits tomorrow.

Offshore Bitcoin – Futuristic Cutting-Edge Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform is to be launched soon with its exchange services around the world. Offshore Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency exchange that masters anonymity and security to reward its traders and investors with an optimal profit.

An ICO for Offshore Bitcoin has begun with a public token presale, which will last until October 2nd 2020.

To understand more, Here is the more detail about Offshore Bitcoin, Continue reading,

About offshore Bitcoin

Offshore Bitcoin is a sophisticated, fast, and Secured crypto exchange platform that opens innovative doors in the crypto industry, and with its best features, it removes all the pain points of crypto-enthusiasts that exist in other Crypto exchanges.

The main concern for the crypto-enthusiasts is the Security of the Exchange. The High Transaction fee is also another hindrance in a crypto-Exchange. Keeping the above problems in mind, We have configured Offshore Bitcoin in a way that security is the primary concern of our Exchange. Offshore Bitcoin Exchange is the first exchange providing high anonymity via Protonmail, thus enhancing the security of the transactions. Unlike other exchanges, Offshore bitcoin offers high anonymity by allowing users to use ProtonVPN or ProtonMail. 

Offshore Bitcoin allows traders to exchange currency with low transaction fees. Our purpose is to increase the privacy of the traders which offers multiple trading pairs for customers to exchange currency as per their wish. offshore Bitcoin is the Gamechanger of the crypto-industry which furnishes you with cryptocurrency and crypto-asset related services.

Why should you Invest in Offshore Bitcoin?

Offshore bitcoin inspect all the ways to overcome the challenges of existing cryptocurrency exchange platforms and come up with the best features.

Lower Trading Free

procuring a lower trading fee is our primary concern for creating exemption while trading.

High Anonymity

As privacy is the crucial part of any exchanges, We add anonymity for your transaction through ProtonMail.

Multiple Trading Pairs

An extensive list of trading pairs allows traders to choose their desired trading pair. Trading pairs helps you to establish the value of the crypto asset while trading with other assets.

The Presale Fundraiser for the Offshore Bitcoin token will be held between September 3rd to October 2nd and aims to raise 450 BTC.

Offshore Bitcoin will be selling 3,034,600 ERC20 Ethereum Tokens at a starting price of USD 0.5. Built on Ethereum, offshore bitcoin tokens will be available through the ICO Presale which has already begun on September 3rd and extends through October 2nd.

How To Acquire Crypto Trading Benefits at Offshore Bitcoin?

Join the Offshore Bitcoin Today and Gain various trading benefits in future.  We don’t put you through a complicated process to buy Offshore Bitcoin Token. A user needs to just Register through our Official Site and Can Buy Token with the allotted price. Here is the Token details.

Offshore Bitcoin Token Sales details

Token Name : Offshore Bitcoin Token

Token Price : 0.5 USD

ICO PreSale : September 3rd to October 2nd 2020

Token Supply for Pre Sale : 10,00,000

Read the Offshore Bitcoin Whitepaper

Check out our Roadmap and Join OFFB Token PreSale, visit

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