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Oh my god this is the end…

This is for all you new guys panicking, crying, selling at a loss.

People, since the beginning of cryptocurrency trading we have been in this situation many times, and every time it happened people start shouting: Now it’s the end… it’s a major crash… we wont recover this time ….

Look at the charts, HODL your positions, it will come back up, maybe not as fast as you all want, but it will, please don’t sell at a loss, take advantage of the great sale prices right now and increase your position to get a nice profit when it bounces back up.

Editor Note: This is not a financial advice, the author is expressing his thoughts and making a satire on the current market scenario.

Bruno Cerqueira

Bruno Cerqueira

Bruno Cerqueira is a crypto enthusiast, blockchain revolution advocate, software engineer and web developer.

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