Ontology and SPOKKZ Partnership to Revolutionize Content Streaming

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Ontology’s high-performance public multi-chain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform and SPOKKZ – a new one-stop content dApp, have agreed to work together with the main agenda on blockchain content streaming. The companies will team up to improve their technologies and communities, with the broad objective of establishing and facilitating decentralized app growth and speeding up strong approval for blockchain technology on the Ontology MainNet.

Blockchain apps are not yet fully developed. The platforms of enabling these decentralized applications are still immature, and real case studies are not convincing to the public yet. Ontology and SPOKKZ will team up on these challenges by attracting developers and providing the best conditions for high-quality content creation.

SPOKKZ is a decentralized platform of an existing streaming platform Spuul, which gives 60 million Global Users the ability to stream, download, and watch over thousands of hours of movies and live linear TV content. The SPOKKZ team aims to further the tokenization of the content industry, the ability of its community to watch content, the ability of content creators to get funding and stream content, and to reward the community and fight piracy.

Ontology’s core strategy is to be used for real-world business scenarios, which is reflected in its core modules which include a complete smart contract system, distributed ledger system, distributed identity framework, distributed data exchange, and more. SPOKKZ will bring their dApp to the Ontology MainNet, and the two companies will share marketing and community-relation resources. Additionally, SPOKKZ will adopt Ontology’s distributed identity framework — ONT ID — for users on their platform.

The collaboration between Ontology and SPOKKZ will majorly emphasize the following areas:

Community Cooperation. Ontology and SPOKKZ will create conducive environments with their individual developer communities, and both are now dedicated to teaming up to further enhance active blockchain growth.

Technical Cooperation. The Ontology will enable smooth docking of dApps created by SPOKKZ. This suggests that dApps created by SPOKKZ workforce can be available on the Ontology MainNet. Our collaboration anticipates hastening the advent of a killer blockchain-based content industry by facilitating the creation and deployment of such dApps.

Generation of more profits. As a functional measure, the strategic partnership between Ontology and SPOKKZ will evidently speed up the commercialization of the blockchain, increase the blockchain user set-ups and bring more profits.

With more than 60 million users, SPOKKZ presents the chance, which will empower other dApps on Ontology with the power to purchase and auction on various platforms.

On the other hand, Ontology has strong technical abilities with more developers and multi-chain capabilities. This means that both will broaden their market size through this partnership.

Just as the blockchain technology has transformed the business sector, the content streaming industry is starting to acknowledge the benefits that can be tapped from embracing it. The partnership between Ontology and SPOKKZ bring community cooperation, technical cooperation, the creation of an ecosystem and generation of more profits to both companies.

Speaking on the partnership, Subin Subaiah, Founder of SPOKKZ, said:

“Working with Ontology is a huge opportunity for us. Not only do they bring a well- thought-out infrastructure but, the combination of SPOKKZ’s large user base and Ontology’s stellar technology will be a game changer for the entire token economy. Ontology’s Trust system and SPOKKZ’s decentralized content creation and content viewing is truly a marriage of two significant players who are committed to the decentralized economy and who have the technology and proven track record to ensure a successful collaboration.”

LI Jun, Founder of Ontology, added:

“The core modules Ontology has built and are continuing to enrich are all linked to real business scenarios, so we are pleased to work with Spuul who will take an existing user base with millions of users and design a new project. SPOKKZ will use decentralized technology to make a product which gives individuals a voice in an industry that is traditionally centralized.”


SPOKKZ is being issued by Spuul, a pioneering and established OTT player with over 60million users in 180 countries generating revenues of close to USD15mm. Spuul has decided to migrate some of its solutions to the blockchain and to tokenize its business with SPOKKZ. Spuul is recognized to be an innovative, full stack, pure-play tech company that has built its enterprise in collaboration with premium providers like AWS (for whom they are a case study).

A live platform, an experienced tech and business team, deep connections into the media industry and an influential advisory board puts SPOKKZ way ahead of the competition. SPOKKZ is dedicated to Mr. Spock of the Starship Enterprise and hopes to represent all that he stood for — clarity of thought, cold/hard logic and the courage “to boldly go where no one has gone before.”

SPOKKZ will transform the media consumption business from being a purely transactional play to a community driven economy.

Media Contact:

Mohan S

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Spokkz website: www.SPOKKZ.com

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/SPOKKZOfficial

Facebook: www.facebook.com/spuul

Blog: www.medium.com/SPOKKZ

Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/SPOKKZ

Ontology website: https://ont.io

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