P2P Exchange Coinbaazar is Setting the Bar High with Low Fees,Hundreds of Global Payment Methods, Launched Mobile App

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Coinbaazar, a cryptocurrency P2P exchange launched about a year ago, has set the bar high in P2P crypto offerings with very low transaction fees, easy payment methods and secured and fast transactions, making it a preferred exchange for trading Bitcoin. Buying or selling bitcoins couldn’t be a quicker or more convenient affair than at https://coinbaazar.com/

The European-based exchange, also launched its Mobile App on Google Play Store , and soon will be available on App Store as Well, allows users to purchase or sell Bitcoin using more than 300+ unique payment methods available around the world, from Paypal to M-pesa ,Gift Cards, Bank Transfer and many more!

Buying or selling Bitcoin at Coinbaazar has been simplified with an attractive user interface. Buyers and sellers can search or browse through the sellers list from various countries and currencies. Easy terms of trade (mode of payment, verification requirement, cash or online mode, etc) are displayed below the payment method. Clicking on the buy/sell button displays the trader’s details and terms of engagement where the trade can be made.

One reason behind the great ease and speed of Coinbaazar is its advanced technology. The exchange is also a public-domain, cryptocurrency transaction platform with transparent transactions. Coinbaazar is not affiliated to any authority, bank or financial institutions. Thus traders from different countries can exchange bitcoins through their free Coinbaazar Wallet with zero apprehensions.

To make P2P trading free from all doubts, Coinbaazar has put in place a quick live chat feature. This is a great advantage of using Coinbaazar, as even new users or first time buyers can trade in peer-to-peer transactions with confidence because they are supported via live chat. There is also complete trust as the purchase or sale of Bitcoins can be completed with the latest and highest levels of security using protocols such as 2FA, Google Authenticator and Mobile OTP Authentication.

Coinbaazar is a friendly, trusted and comfortable place to store, send or receive Bitcoins.  

Start trading Bitcoin at Coinbaazar: https://coinbaazar.com/signup

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Telegram: https://t.me/Coinbaazar_Exchange

Blog: https://Blog.coinbaazar.com

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