PAC Global cryptocurrency Incentivizes Africa Community with Fruit-Bearing Trees and Cryptocurrency

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The earth is undergoing some drastic changes and these changes have both positive and negative impact on humanity. One of such negative effects is climate change. To help battle C02 out of the atmosphere, tree planting is a method that is proving more effective than any scientific invention. In a bid to contribute to reducing the negative effect of Climate Change, the TreeVolution project powered by PAC Global and executed by the Africa regional ambassador, Ogunseye Oluwajuwon Micheal a.k.a. Juwon planted 200 trees in Lagos, Nigeria on the 10th of December 2019. 

Micheal, who is the project manager of PAC Global Africa, a legal entity for charitable projects by PAC Global in Africa planted 200 fruit-bearing trees in Lagos. Tree planting will help the city of Lagos in combating the carbon emissions that the city seems to be drowning in. Lagos which happens to be one of the most populated cities in Nigeria is battling carbon emissions from the numerous vehicles and power generators available in the city. The city is also battling occasional flooding from lack of proper drainage system and waste management. This tree-planting project will help the city combat one of its many woes. 

Asides tree planting, the TreeVolution project also aims to clean up polluted lands filled with waste that wasn’t managed properly and fill the land with fruit-bearing trees. The aim of this is to enable the community the task will be carried out benefit from the trees either by selling the fruits or eating them. The project also aims to convert the collected waste into utility items. For example, we will create school bags for children living in unelectrified villages and build a waste management infrastructure using cryptocurrency as an incentive.

Finally, the TreeVolution project will be carrying out the second phase of its tree-planting project as this was a test pilot. The project was able to come to fruition through a partnership with Flame of Peace and Global Boost with Blockchain summit. While the date and location for the second phase of the tree planting are yet to be confirmed, PAC Global TreeVolution is battling climate change one tree at a time. 

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