ParcelABC Integrates Cryptocurrency Payments to their Platform

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Cryptocurrency payments act as an important role to facilitate the adoption of the technology and many innovative businesses seek to gain its advantages. Parcel ABC, a rapidly growing global parcel delivery platform will be integrating Bitcoinus crypto payments to become the first company of its kind to make crypto payments available to customers.

Dynamic global player

ParcelABC platform is innovative forward-looking solution which creates new rules in the global parcel delivery market. It was created to take advantage of and utilize all empty spaces that various couriers and parcel delivery companies might have in their vehicles. This sort of strategy ensures that even express shipments are delivered safely and at the lowest price which is always what consumers and businesses seek. 
The system’s unique algorithm unites the most reliable couriers from around the world into one network. When you place an order, ParcelABC looks for an empty space for your parcel on one of the many parcel delivery vehicles taking the selected route. The system plans the optimal route in terms of time, price, or time and price. Once it is dispatched, the parcel may travel with several courier or transport services before it reaches the recipient or, if preferred, with only one courier provider. 
From the very beginning the company is looking for even more innovative ways to satisfy every client. The main goal is to respect each requirement and to adjust to the changing environment. 
“Parcel ABC is very proud of the successful synergy between innovative business model and meeting all kind of customers’ daily needs” – Andrius Balkunas, the CEO.

Exponential crypto payments growth worldwide

Statistics indicate, there are 203,133 transactions per day using Bitcoin as well as through hundreds of the other major “altcoins” that are alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin. 
The industry of blockchain payments is particularly young but has already succeeded to achieve exponential growth with a market capitalisation of over US$250 billion. 
While cryptocurrencies gain more value every day they attract more users. Over 30M active cryptocurrency holders are predicted to be buying and selling products and services by the end of 2018. Only a year later the number should double, according to some studies. This make Bitcoin, Ethereum and some other major cryptocurrencies truly global, allowing them to be used effortlessly all around the world.

Crypto brings new clients too

Adoption of blockchain technology opens the door to new possibilities for business by bringing new income channels. All over the world millions of people who own cryptocurrencies are searching for ways of spending them. Bitcoinus crypto payments will open a free additional cash flow channel to ParcelABC, which is what the company is focusing on as it continues its rapid growth in its highly competitive environment. 

Crypto payments integration will consolidate ParcelABC’s aims to activate its expansion to Asia and reach cryptocurrency using clientele. Asia is one of the most crypto-friendly zones in the world and this region has promising markets that welcome blockchain technology and thus allow crypto acceptance to spread. Crypto adoption will guarantee the success of ParcelABC’s expansion and will strengthen customer trust and support. 
Being able to provide the best parcel rates for businesses as well as individuals is not always enough. This is why ParcelABC decided to walk the extra mile to integrate cryptocurrency payments. More options and more opportunities in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

Blockchain for the best payment efficiency

Blockchain technology brings inconceivable opportunities for safe and fast crypto payments. The technology will save a lot of client’s time and money. Being a rapidly growing global platform. efficiency is one of the main factors for ParcelABC. With Bitcoinus cutting edge technology the ParcelABC payment system will allow faster transaction flows with the lowest cost. The forecast results indicate continued growth and a further improvement of its already excellent client satisfaction record. 
At the moment the market is changing rapidly. ParcelABC has a strong responsibility to adjust to the fast-changing market situation and clients’ demand. Adoption of Bitcoinus crypto payments will lead to greater business expansion, a wider range of service options and will also satisfy clients need to choose from a variety of payments options.

More information about the parcel services offered by ParcelABC can be found by visiting the website at 
Contact Info: 
Name: ParcelABC 
Email: support(at) 
Organization: Parcel ABC Limited 
Address: 5 Underwood Street, London, N1 7LY, United Kingdom

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