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A cloud trading software platform argues the public has the opportunity to benefit from crypto-market fluctuations by means of automated trading.

According to Trade Santa team, its platform is “designed to automate simple strategies relied upon by thousands of traders around the world”. Santa bot is free-of-charge, and everyone, who does not want to monitor “ups and downs” in cryptocurrencies 24/7, can create personal bots.

It takes no longer than 10 minutes to set the bot up and customize the user’s desirable settings such as pairings and profit targets. In order to make the configuration process clear and understandable for everyone, detailed tutorials are also provided. If users do not want to spend time on customization, they can use already created templates for a quick setup. Trade Santa is said to be a user-friendly platform with an easy and simple-to-use interface.

Speaking of the Trade Santa interface, it allows users to check the most successful trading pairs on each of the supported exchanges over the following periods of time: over the past 24 hours, over twelve, six or even 3 hours.

Another feature is that users can get a report on the bots performance. Users can see their deals currently in progress, their balance in Bitcoin, and the USDT/BTC exchange rate.

Currently, Trade Santa has six integrated exchanges, including Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, KuCoin and HitBTC. API keys from these supported exchanges enable bots trading, which makes the trading process itself convenient and safe as only users can access and withdraw their own funds.

Trade Santa provides users with unlimited number of bots and trading pairs, and it also gives an ability to perform long and short trading strategies at the same time.

Santa Bot helps to accelerate the trading process by ability of bots to place up to 100 times more orders compared to manual trading, because bots can track the movements of the market for lots of trading pairs at once. It is truly an automated non-stop trading, because it happens 24 hours a day and does not require constant attention from the user.

Considering that cryptocurrency market never sleeps, and “show must go on” there 24 hours a day, Trade Santa hopes to help users not to be afraid to miss on the trade especially when they are away from their laptops and phones.

Trade Santa has its own Telegram community and a live chat service where “Santa’s Helper” provides support service at any time of day and night. Many users have already expressed satisfaction with the prompt feedback from Santa’s team. All links can be found on the website.

As Trade Santa is gaining momentum in the crypto community, the platform will remain free for some time.

Learn more at Trade Santa Website.

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