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Scam Alert: A website is luring people with free bitcoin

Another day, another bitcoin Scam, unfortunately there are many people devoting their time trying to find the best ingenious ways to scam others, and in cryptocurrency this happens just too many times.

The website “” is a good example of how less informed people get scammed, the website presents itself as an exploit injector on the blockchain pools with the ability to hack the blockchain and give it’s users free bitcoin on the address provided.

Only people with absolute zero knowledge on how the bitcoin blockchain works can fall for this type of claims, unfortunately many people are desperate for free bitcoin, and with a little help from the marketing embedded on this website ultimately fall in this scam.

The website uses a video explaining the process and a chat box with hundreds of clearly artificially generated  bot messages to lure people into thinking the process actually works, with false claims from random people (bots) advertising their glorious free btc received.

A close inspection into the website code and javacript files is enough to understand the method, and many of the messages present in the website generating process are hard coded on those script files.

So how do people get scammed?

Quite simple, they enter the bitcoin address on where they wish to receive the free BTC, the system than goes throw a cycle of “generated” messages and at the last stage a message appears stating that the transaction is ready but a minners fee must be payed in order to confirm the transaction, obviously no one receives the transaction and the mining fee goes to the website owner.

If anything looks to good to be true, better use your head instead of hope.

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