So, you think you can trade…

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Traders in the crypto market can be divided in three classes:

  • the ones led by others
  • the ones influenced by others
  • the ones who know they can rely on their own judgement

Ask yourself which of these league you belong. Do you depend on twitter moonboys advises?

Did your knowledge grow into a practical, applicable set of intellectual methods? Or was it only a way to flee your own financial responsibilities… Putting the future of your bankroll in the hand of internet strangers.

For what reasons do you think they are reliable guides?

Trading exists since centuries. Specialised universities issue degrees after 5 years of study. Banks organise meetings with analysts…

Would you start driving a submarine after reading a few well articulated tweets? This seems reckless.

People really are more intelligent than this. But the lure of easy, fast money, blind them from the reality of speculation.

Did you follow the key principle to “always act in harmony with the trend”? If yes, you were mean to be out the market in 2018. Or even better, continue to get profits by shorting altcoins.

Many gentlemen who never took trading as a serious discipline saw most of their fictitious gains vanish. Trapped by their hope, helpless when it came to make market judgements by themselves…

It is time to question yourself. When you follow other people forecasts, you are betting they will be right. Do you really want to again be the victim of your lack of ability and knowledge? Be lured again and again by nice-sounding news and internet “certified crypto experts” abusing of your ambitions?

20% of the people own 80% of the wealth. Are those 20% the ones exposing their price foresight on Reddit? You shouldn’t ever depend on other people.

Basing your decisions on hearsay, statistics, rumours, news, is putting your money in the hands of the general gossip.

Most individuals in crypto saw it as a side-hobby. Fun memes, thinking being an expert when reading shitcoins comparison spreadsheet, hours of “research” on twitter… Forgetting the time-proven methods.

Picture yourself as a successful business man: was your journey to the millions, charting and market education, or meme and shill spamming?

Trading the market: proven method since 1800 

Equip yourself adequately. Trading is a technical art, it is the combination of charting and emotions. It’s a matter of probabilities whose cannot be put into numbers.

TA offers you a set of tools which are your best friends when it comes to understand what is going on. It writes you the history of main operators actions: are they accumulating, distributing, testing the market… ?

Although it may looks frightening when an inexperienced eye fall on a chart full of indicators, when explained one by one correctly, it’s easy to understand.

Experience in the field will then shows you the correct signals and actions to undertake.

However, analysing and taking actions are two different things. A lot of people get blocked by their emotions, refuse to see the evidences and get paralysed.

Emotional management is a must have, at the same time to get profits, and to get your mind at ease when working.

A few people are consistently profiting from the endless opportunity of the field. If you keep training, use self-criticism, and want to succeed, then you shall make it rain. is a plain-english, comprehensive guide which shows you the path to regular and reliable gains.

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