Steps to Implement for Developing a Feasible ICO Marketing Strategy

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The world has seen the massive scope that lies in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) owing to the record funds raised in recent times. With the increasing competition, timely ICO marketing services can go a long way in assuring success.  Some of the important aspects to concentrate on your ICO marketing strategy are:


Make your website attractive enough

Your website acts as the first point of communication to the investors. Hence make sure you have a professional and well-designed layout. Display all the necessary information about your project transparently. Have separate sections to disclose different aspects of your company. Include details about the Whitepaper. Ensure that the experience and achievements of your team members are displayed prominently. If adequate information about your team members is not present on the website, investors may view your project with suspicion. Include multimedia elements such as photographs and videos to showcase your work. Update your website with fresh content regularly. Place strategic CTA (Call to Action) buttons for getting the desired outcome. Optimize your landing page by making your website SEO-friendly along with fast loading speed. Since the website indicates the first impression of the project to your investors, do not settle for a cheap template. Take professional assistance from an ICO marketing company.


Develop an enticing whitepaper

A whitepaper is nothing but a technical document that discloses several aspects such as the benefits offered to investors, distribution strategy for tokens, legal implication and other important terms and conditions. Make sure to do a spelling and grammar check before publishing it. Ensure that you address how your project can create an impact by describing a business problem or a market opportunity. Provide access to investors for viewing the technology that you are going to use for the project. It may be in the form of a functional prototype or open-source code. Disclose the reason for tokenizing the business and how the tokens would appreciate over a period. The investors must also know the policy if the tokens are unsold and how much tokens are reserved for the team members of the firm. Prepare well to deal with the regulatory and legal aspects. Do not copy ideas from some other whitepaper as investors may perceive it as a scam which would render your ICO marketing useless.


Maintain a healthy relationship with the media

Be on good terms with the media by circulating regular updates about your project through public relations. Partner with the leading websites for issuing press releases. Publish insightful articles and blogs on well-known crypto media outlets. List your ICO on popular rating and review sites like ICO Rating, ICO Bench etc. Focus more on storytelling as only unique ideas will get a wide reach. Have a dedicated team to handle the task of dealing with the media.


Utilize the power of social media

As most of the users stay online, post content on popular crypto communities that are functioning in the form of pages and groups. Present it positively for building trust. Apart from popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, participate in discussion forums by giving your inputs on relevant topics on Quora and Reddit. Enthusiasts and investors of cryptocurrency can be kept in close touch through instant messaging apps like Telegram. Professional clients can be tapped by posting business-related content on platforms like Linkedin. A higher level of exposure about your ICO can be created by posting on sites like Bitcointalk which are regularly frequented by the crypto community. Interact with your followers frequently by posting engaging content.


Use targeted advertising

Since tech giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter have restricted advertisements related to ICO’s, it is better to implement Pay-Per-Click models through advertising networks like Cointraffic. They will offer different templates such as banner ads and display ads. The performance can be analyzed daily.


Email marketing

Newsletters, product updates and exclusive deals can be sent through emails to both existing and prospective investors. Create an exclusive opt-in/ sign up form and prepare an email list. Make sure to not send unsolicited emails as you can be reported as spam.


Design bounty programs 

Include attractive rewards for users through compensation and incentives for getting more investors to your ICO’s. Airdropping which refers to giving tokens for free has become quite common now. Strike the right balance between affordability and meeting your business objectives while implementing a bounty program.


Attend industry events

Be a part of interesting seminars, conferences and events that occur in the cryptocurrency space. Potential investors can be found and higher interest for your project can be garnered. It can also help in establishing a healthy connection with the top stakeholders and influencers of the industry. Though significant costs would be involved, the returns that it generates on your investment will outweigh the expenses and efforts.


Follow all the above-mentioned tactics in your ICO marketing strategy for fulfilling your business objectives. Team up with an experienced ICO marketing agency who will understand your requirements and provide customized solutions.

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