STEX to List Luxury-focused Cryptocurrency Elitium (EUM)

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STEX – the innovative multi-currency crypto-trading platform – has announced it will list luxury-focused cryptocurrency Elitium (symbol: EUM) with the EUM/BTC trading pair available from 8pm CET (7pm GMT) Wednesday 20th March.

Elitium is transforming the future of luxury through its blockchain-based platform built on EOS. The Elitium Network is Elitium’s managed ecosystem that puts the luxury lifestyle within reach of any consumer, anywhere in the world – with features that include:

The platform resolves many inefficiencies in the luxury sector, including the cost to both businesses and consumers when renting yachts or making high-volume international payments.

The Elitium Network promises a secure, low-cost cross-border payments system backed by the integrity of the blockchain to deliver a next-level luxury experience. Elitium also offers a tokenized insurance solution via a separate coin. Plus, the ecosystem has a built-in rewards program that returns a percentage of spend in the platform back to the user – similar to prominent credit card companies.

“Elitium is combining artificial intelligence, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency to deliver the future of luxury lifestyles. Our team believes everyone in the world deserves to enjoy their version of luxury – Elitium can make that happen.” Said Raoul Milhado, Elitium co-founder and CEO. “The technologies we have at our disposal today can give people some time back – hours they can spend getting on and enjoying the finer aspects of life.”

Elitium has not completed an ICO. Instead, the company chose to launch directly on BitMart before listing on STEX. EUM is currently an ERC20 coin. However, Elitium will transfer EUM onto EOS.IO after the launch of the Elitium lifestyle app scheduled June 219 – at which point Elitium will swap ERC20 coins for EOS.IO coins, 1-for-1.

About Elitium

Elitium curates the ultimate luxury experience in a managed ecosystem called the Elitium Network. The network enables a luxury lifestyle for anyone, anywhere in the world, through a mobile application that includes AI-enhanced concierge, seamless access to goods and services, and a fiat-crypto exchange known as an ‘Online ATM.’

To learn more about Elitium: Join Telegram, follow on Twitter, or visit the website.

About STEX

STEX is an innovative multi-currency crypto-trading platform that focuses on altcoins. STEX is one of the most underrated, albeit well-supported, exchanges in the crypto-sphere with over 300,000 users trusting the exchange.

STEX promises 99.999% availability with hot and cold storage underpinning security – with trading fees capped at 0.05% for no hidden surprises.

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