Bitdeal Introduces Supply Chain Blockchain Development With Hyperledger

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We, bitdeal – the torch bearer of enterprise blockchain solutions providers, started to dominate the blockchain b2b startups from the earlier stage of blockchain growth. We groomed up into a reputed blockchain development company, with 120+ expert blockchain developers, and the successful 5+ years of journey fintech industry. Our cheerful success of delivering the 100+ quality crypto and blockchain projects made us take new initiative to provide industry wide solutions through blockchain technology.

Since we have experts in hyperledger frameworks, we have taken the supply chain industry as our first preference which can be transformed into a decentralized ecosystem, with hyperledger blockchain technology. The Master level experience in resolving the complex issues in high tech blockchain application, gave us the courage to change the entire supply chain industry with our blockchain solutions.

With this PR, we are glad to explore our expertise in all hyperledger frameworks & tools, as below:

  1. Hyperledger Fabric
  2. Hyperledger Grid
  3. Hyperledger Sawtooth
  4. Hyperledger Indy
  5. Hyperledger Iroha
  6. Hyperledger Burrow
  7. Hyperledger Explorer
  8. Hyperledger Quilt
  9. Hyperledger Cello
  10. Hyperledger Caliper


Also, from now on our clients are free to acquire the below service for private blockchain development for supply chain on hyperledger.

  1. Technical Consulting
  2. Smart Contract Development
  3. Profiling & auditing
  4. Decentralized application development
  5. Support & Maintenance
  6. Migration & Consensus Development


Why Choose Us ?


In Track our Records Content

With 7+ years of solid experience in blockchain technology, we have fulfilled more than 150+ successful blockchain projects around the globe.


We are Creators, Not Just the Doers

We never commit ourselves just to complete the focused project on time. Instead we focus to bring innovation on each frame.


Cost Effective

Competitive price packages, and down to earth customization costs for any kind of blockchain


We guarantee our clients that we can take any initiatives to resolve any kind of riskful technology mess up in your dream blockchain project. Moreover we have already started to provide blockchain services and have created portfolios in supply chain , healthcare, agriculture, banking and more industries. We are ready to coordinate with you to bring innovations through blockchain.

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