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Synapsebot opens its cryptocurrency trading platform to the public, integrating multiple Exchanges, advanced trading tools and crypto-asset portfolio management, under a single interface, which allows users to operate in different markets from a single website, having crypto-assets stock under control at all times.

We are currently facing a large number of Exchanges, complex tools and scattered sources of information that the user has to access and check individually when operating and working on their portfolio. Traders make enormous efforts to control their portfolios as they are much dispersed, and they often do not have useful sources of information for proper decision making. Traders also face the lack of advanced trading tools used in other financial markets such as Trailing Stop or Arbitration.

Synapsebot was born to solve these shortcomings and to meet the demands and needs of advanced traders, as well as offering a step-by-step experience to beginners.

The project has been under development and private testing for over a year now. It has been launched by Ignacio Montoya and Carlos Zehr, both with extensive experience in the world of technology and cryptocurrencies.

“The need for automation that I faced as a cryptotrader made me develop my own scripts to make my life easier. It aroused much interest among my friends, especially Carlos, who confirmed the existing demand for this type of services, “said Ignacio Montoya, co-founder and Back-end of the project.

“I wasted a lot of time accessing different platforms to make decisions when it came to operating. On the other hand, the great difficulty and limitations shown by the existing tools in the market, made it necessary to centralize all these resources in a simple and intuitive manner. “ said Carlos Zehr, CEO and co-founder.

Said and done, in just over a year Synapsebot is a fully functional reality offering the following features in its first version:

– A dashboard providing information about all Exchanges rates, the state of your operations, and a fast access to all the platform’s functionalities.

– An advanced arbitration tool presenting users with personalized arbitrage opportunities based on their balance sheets, and allowing to carry out the operation in a fully automated way. Just choose the amount and press click!

– Trailing Stop orders for maximizing profits and minimize the risks (Take Profit / Stop Loss).

– Configurable price alerts sent via email.

– Real-time market information gathered and processed with AI to offer rankings, trends and trading opportunities.

– A 24/7 support centre and interactive chat for direct assistance.

Synapsebot is a completely secure platform, as it does not save any cryptographic keys, nor it does store any funds. The platform connects to the Exchanges through APIs, which can be set with different security permissions. In addition, the company is located in Spain conforming therefore to the European Union legal framework.

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