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Rakesh Sharma

What is Zcash?

Most conversations about cryptocurrencies generally begin and end with bitcoin. But the original cryptocurrency suffers from serious drawbacks. In addition to its high transaction fees,

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Devin Soni

How to Make Passive Income from Crypto

When people think of making money from cryptocurrencies, they typically imagine someone manically day-trading or constantly buying into new ICOs. However, there are many other


The Meteoric Rise of EOS Explained

EOS captured the attention of traders with an exceptional rise in price, up 58% from Apr 11–13. This article analyzes the root causes of the


TokenPay Partnerships with WEG Bank AG in Germany

Published by TokenPay on Medium Deal Officially Closed, Shares Transferred, Timing in line with Whitepaper Roadmap Projections Today we are announcing that we have officially

Bruno Cerqueira

May 8, 2018 Market Update: Bytecoin, IOTA, ETH

Today the cryptocurrency market continued on a global correction path that’s now on the third consecutive day. Although most cryptocurrencies continued on the red, or

Jorn van Zwanenburg

5 Low-cap Cryptos to lookout in May

The name of the game for most investors and traders in the crypto space is finding that one overlooked diamond of a project that will

Kai Sedgwick

Upcoming Controversial Bitcoin Forks

Bitcoin forks are invariably contentious, but the latest batch could be the most controversial yet. Bitcoin Prime and Anonymous Bitcoin have been labeled as shameless

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Paul Andrew

What is Polymath (POLY)?

Polymath simplifies the legal process of creating and selling security tokens. It makes a new token standard, the ST20, and enforces government compliance. Only a “list




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