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Bruno Cerqueira

What is ICON? (ICX) Connecting Blockchains

Project ICON wants to “Hyperconnect the World” by “building one of the largest decentralized networks in the world.” To do this, the ICON team is

John Bardinelli

10 Cryptocurrencies To Watch In Q2 2018

Q1 2018 was bloody. The whole crypto market went for a slide with heavy hitters like Bitcoin and Ethereum dropping considerably. While some investors have been left reeling, those


Why EOS Skyrocketed 78% This Week

The cryptocurrency market has been pretty active this week with some major upside movements and corrections taking place throughout the week, but EOS stands out

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JP Buntinx

What Is Power Ledger?

The energy industry is prone to disruption in many ways. Contrary to what most people think, the entire renewable energy market is still somewhat centralized.

Aaron Hankin

Bitcoin surrenders early gains, altcoins pummeled

Wednesday’s selloff will test crypto traders resolve, analyst says. Digital currencies are under pressure since early Wednesday, led by the altcoins which were showing double-digit

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Why Dash is the Coin of the Future

Unlike the major altcoins, which took a considerable amount of time to gain visibility in the crypto space, Dash was instantly popular. Operational since January


April 24 2018: Crypto Markets Update

The cryptocurrency market’s incredible run continued during overnight trade with small gains being made across the board. This took the value of the entire market

Natasha Lomas

Proxeus Wants to be the WordPress of Blockchain

Can blockchain technology fix the soul sucking tedium and cost of back-and-forth bureaucracy? The Swiss team behind a blockchain-based platform, called Proxeus, believes it can —

John Isige

Binance to Add “Fiat To Crypto” Soon

Rumors are that the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has announced that it is making plans to add USD to crypto trading pair. This is a




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