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Rhys Thomas

Panini launches blockchain collectables

New collection of licensed sports trading cards will use same technology as Bitcoin to verify authenticity. Panini America will launch a new range of licensed

Press Release
Press Release

bloXroute Labs Launches BDN V1

bloXroute Labs, a technology start-up that built a Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) to allow blockchains to scale, announced today the official launch of BDN Version

Mary Ann Callahan

The Biggest Challenges Still Facing Blockchain

Blockchain technology still hasn’t taken over the world and become the backbone of the global financial system. That’s because there remain enormous challenges that the


The Digital Money Revolution

The rapid pace and sheer scale of innovation in digital currencies and mobile payments indicates that a monetary revolution is forthcoming. The choice for governments

Kristine Brantley

Gamified Participation: the Mass Adoption Solution?

The advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has spawned products and services in many industries around the world, improving existing functions and providing brand new

Press Release
Press Release

Clevebet Changes the Betting Market

CVB is the most robust betting platform based on Ethereum and Smart Contracts. While betting has become extremely popular, it still has a lot of

Coins / Tokens Library
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FunnyToken: A New Crypto Game Project

Application and game industry has been growing every year. Game market volume is thought to reach 130 billion dollars in 2021 which was 109 billion

Vasilios Filip

Recapping the events of Korea Blockchain Week 2019

Vitalik Buterin highlights Grants, Hdac announced new project and Terra proves that it owns Korea Seoul, South Korea hosted the much anticipated Korea Blockchain Week


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