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Sudarshan Jayaram

Smart Contracts – A use case for real estate

Blockchain- I hear this word and my mind automatically conjures up images of huge iron blocks linked together by heavy chains- perhaps subconscious visualization of

Jimmy Zhong

Unlocking widespread DApp development and adoption

How do you incorporate blockchain technology into your daily life? In this article, Jimmy Zhong, CEO of IOST, the application-friendly, next generation public blockchain infrastructure,

Andrea Hotter

Tracing diamonds supply chain on blockchain

With the vast majority of the world’s diamonds estimated to be conflict-free following the development of certification procedures under the Kimberley Process, the mining industry

Henry Vilar

Blockchain firm Chainspace bought by facebook

Facebook has made its first acquisition in the blockchain space, hiring the team behind Chainspace, hinting at an increasing interest in the payments market. The acquisition

Anna Kucirkova

Blockchain uses in the global supply chain

If there is one thing that is fast changing is technology, as there are always new innovations in the world of technology. However, there is

Press Release
Press Release

phlow attends unlock blockchain in Dubai 2019

On Monday, January 14th 2019, the visual platform phlow announced its attendance at Unlock Blockchain 2019 that takes place from 15-16 January 2019 in Dubai.

Shea Johnson

CES 2019: Las Vegas studies Blockchain implementation

Las Vegas is reviewing the potential implementation of blockchain, a database technology in which information is decentralized and maintained communally. Michael Lee Sherwood, the city’s

Kee Jeffreys

Blockchain evolution and the copycat problem

How are copycat-only projects denying resources and users from projects with a proven history of creativity and disruption? In this article, Kee Jeffreys explains how

Babar Mahmood

Deploying Blockchain and Smart Contract based Solutions

As discussed before, the blockchain-based solution is built to provide strong integrity and independent verifiability. An exception to the independent verifiability is private blockchain solutions. In




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