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FunnyToken: A New Crypto Game Project

Application and game industry has been growing every year. Game market volume is thought to reach 130 billion dollars in 2021 which was 109 billion

Vasilios Filip

Recapping the events of Korea Blockchain Week 2019

Vitalik Buterin highlights Grants, Hdac announced new project and Terra proves that it owns Korea Seoul, South Korea hosted the much anticipated Korea Blockchain Week


Ferrum Network – Big update

In the beginning, if you are not familiar with Ferrum yet here is a short note from their whitepaper. What is Ferrum Network? Ferrum Network

Press Release
Press Release


The biggest Barcelona-based venue, AI & Blockchain Summit, is planned to gather more than 35,000 industry and business leaders, academics and politicians, investors and financial

Jaden Wallace

Why Crowdfunding needs Blockchain & Tokenomics

Pledgecamp is a crowdfunding platform that incorporates blockchain technology for security and accountability. Since decentralization lies at its very core, it was crucial for Pledgecamp

Press Release
Press Release

DigiShares Signs up High-Level Advisors

DigiShares has added three high-level advisors to its advisory board. These advisors will help develop DigiShares’ strategy towards the future of the tokenized securities industry.

Joji Xavier

Blockchain and Crypto Jobs are on the rise

Jobs in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency sectors are booming, Ethereum development organization ConsenSys said in its blog post. As the blockchain industry continues to see vast

Facebook is developing Blockchain Payment System

Facebook has registered a new financial technology company in Switzerland which will be focussing on blockchain and payments, Reuters reported citing Geneva’s commercial register. The formation of


Infographic- Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain is the centralized ledger of all transactions across a peer to peer network. Let’s delve into some of the statistics that will help


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