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Ben Evans

Understanding Blockchain Basics and Use Cases

Key Takeaways Blockchains can be either public or private, permissioned or trustless IBM Hyperledger and R3 Corda are two of the most widely used enterprise

Mark Adams

What Can Blockchain Do For Data Storage?

Blockchain. It’s a concept that has a great deal to offer – including everything from giving logistics companies constant sight on the location of their

Vladimir Malakchi

Why Your Crypto Startup Is Doomed To Failure

If you are not confused by the sad statistics on the number of failed ICO projects in 2018, you believe in the great and indestructible

Press Release
Press Release

Deeper Network and the new internet

“The sum of human knowledge is our natural birthright. We made it, and should have access to it as we please. Those who believe otherwise

Ravi Krishnaswamy

Improving Trust in Mobile Advertising with Blockchain

Consider the following: Between 2017 and 2018, mobile ad fraud just about doubled, according to Adjust. Close to 80% of all programmatic buyers lacked transparency for media

Rajeev Vadjikar

Solar energy and blockchain technology

Cynobacteria were the earliest life forms to harness photosynthesis leading to the Great Oxidation Event, to which we owe our existence and sustenance. Humans harnessed


RedCab now listed on Bluebelt Exchange

RedCab LLC, a decentralized peer-to-peer transportation solution which is powered by blockchain technology is now listed on Tokyo-based Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, Bluebelt. With services geared


BOScoin Announces First Voting Results at BOSCON 2018

Korea’s first blockchain project BOScoin (, Corporate Name: BlockchainOS) announced they will host a global conference named “BOSCON 2018” at Yongsan Dragon City Hotel on December




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