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Ben Jorgensen

The new era of cryptocurrency investment

At the beginning of the year, we saw the insatiable appetite of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space from new investors all over the world hitting

Press Release

CyberMiles Touts Virtual Machine Technology

CyberMiles, an e-commerce blockchain that recently introduced a new programming language for developing smart contracts, has revealed initial performance metrics of its virtual machine compared to Ethereum’s.

Press Release

Nebulas announces mainnet v2.0

Nebulas, the next-generation blockchain featuring a universal value-ranking mechanism, has released the development roadmap for the next-phase of its main network (mainnet), Nebulas v2.0 Nova,

Reinhard Cate

How RippleNet Works

People and businesses increasingly expect everything in their lives to move at the speed of the web. Conditioned by smartphone and apps where nearly anything

Jason Deign

Blockchain Partnerships in the Energy Sector

The U.K.blockchain company Energi Mine came out with a big partnership announcement in August. Every week of the month, the firm said, it would be




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