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3 ways insurtech is disrupting the industry

By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be composed of millennials. Millennials are digital natives. Essentially, that means they are the native speakers of the

Andrea Hotter

Tracing diamonds supply chain on blockchain

With the vast majority of the world’s diamonds estimated to be conflict-free following the development of certification procedures under the Kimberley Process, the mining industry

Press Release

Logistyx Technologies Joins Blockchain in Transportation Alliance

Logistyx Technologies (, a leading developer of Transportation Management Execution™ shipping software, today announced it has joined the Blockchain in Transportation Alliance (BiTA), an organization dedicated to the

Julie Sickel

Blockchain’s Adoption on Travel Industry

More concept than concrete. That’s blockchain’s place right now in the world and in travel. Here, though, are three companies bringing blockchain to life in


Report: Blockchain in the mining industry

Bockchain is being trialled by mining companies to track and trace key commodities, including conflict minerals and diamonds, as they move from the mine site

Nicholas Warren

Healthcare and Blockchain will benefit patients

The healthcare industry sees a significant part of its operations dedicated to the management of medical and client information – personal patient data, patient incidents,




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