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Kylee Borromeo

What is Market Making in the Cryptocurrency World?

When the Internet was born, the biggest investment opportunities opened up to the world. Post-Internet, a blockchain has changed the history of investment. It is

Bitcoin In Short-term Corrective Path

In a week that cemented its unpredictable and volatile nature, Bitcoin broke record price of the year multiple times before dropping below the recently achieved


Has Bitcoin bottomed?

Only four months ago, Bitcoin seemed on the verge of extinction as investors fled one of history’s biggest bubbles. But after the steepest two-day rally


Bitcoin surges 18% hitting the $5,000 mark

Bitcoin climbed suddenly on Tuesday to the highest level since November, leading a surge in virtual currencies and ending three months of calm in the


How To Identify A Crypto Pump And Dump Scheme

While bitcoin is becoming an accepted alternative asset class with regulated exchanges, institutional investor interest, and its own futures contracts, the altcoin market is still

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What is U.CASH?

In cryptocurrency, we hear a lot about “banking the unbanked” and how new digital currencies can provide opportunities for individuals who may find it hard


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