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Antony Peyton

UK set to regulate the Wild West in crypto-assets

The UK’s Treasury Committee wants an end to outlaws and hogwash as it has published a “unanimously-agreed” report that calls for the regulation of crypto-assets.


No Rush for Crypto Regulation in Europe

Crypto traders reeling from a week of losses are getting a soothing message from the European Union. Finance ministers gathering in Vienna agreed that they

Stewart Baker

Blockchain law and regulation roundup

Allowing me to extend my August hiatus by a week, Alan Cohn hosts the 229th episode of The Cyberlaw Podcast. He takes a deep dive

Angelica Ballesteros

Philippines: Cryptocurrency trading rules eyed

Cryptocurrency exchanges could be allowed to operate as trading platforms in the Philippines given growing global interest in virtual currencies, the Securities and Exchange Commission


UAE: First Islamic Crypto Exchange (FICE)

Currently, the cryptocurrency market is attractive from the investment perspective. According to the Thomson Reuters ISLAMIC FINANCE DEVELOPMENT REPORT the crypto economy is one of

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