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Can cryptocurrency security be improved?

If there’s one feature of cryptocurrencies that you’ll hear time and time again, it’s that they’re secure. With their decentralised nature and blockchain hosting, the

Joji Xavier

Cryptopia Exchange Goes Offline After Hack

A New Zealand-based crypto-currency trading company went offline after it was hacked at the weekend. Cryptopia, based in Christchurch, announced on Twitter that on January

Press Release
Press Release

Deeper Network and the new internet

“The sum of human knowledge is our natural birthright. We made it, and should have access to it as we please. Those who believe otherwise


Monero Patches Vulnerability Bug

After a vulnerability has been spotted in Monero’s ecosystem, users reported it to the company. As a response to the situation, Monero developing team patched the

Dan Price

How Safe Is a Bitcoin Transaction?

Thanks to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are often seen as more secure than existing currencies, banks, and financial institutions. Transactions recorded in a public, distributed ledger

Reuben Jackson

Security: 5 Biggest Cryptocurrency Heists in History

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to soar, so does the number of hackers targeting exchanges. In 2017, crypto exchanges reported losing approximately $266 million as




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