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How to safeguard your Windows PC against cryptojacking

In January last year, analysts uncovered the Smominru crypto mining botnet that targeted Windows servers to mine Monero—an open-source cryptocurrency. According to a reputable cybersecurity

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Press Release

DigiShares STO Platform Finally Operational

DigiShares (previously called GoSecurity) can finally demonstrate an operational software platform for STOs (Security Token Offerings). The platform is now undergoing final testing but can

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Press Release

Deeper Network and the new internet

“The sum of human knowledge is our natural birthright. We made it, and should have access to it as we please. Those who believe otherwise

Dan Price

How Safe Is a Bitcoin Transaction?

Thanks to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are often seen as more secure than existing currencies, banks, and financial institutions. Transactions recorded in a public, distributed ledger


Understanding Cryptocurrency Hacks

Coinrail, the seventh-largest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea, was hacked last week. The hackers made off with around 3.6 billion coins worth around 40 billion won

Lexie M

What is a paperwallet?

What’s the best way to store your Bitcoin? Who knowns how many Bitcoin are recorded in a globally distributed ledger called the blockchain. Each account has

Pranshu Bajpai and Richard Enbody

What is Cryptojacking and How to Protect Yourself

Right now, your computer might be using its memory and processor power – and your electricity – to generate money for someone else, without you


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