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Safe Automated Crypto Trading Software To Use

A cloud trading software platform argues the public has the opportunity to benefit from crypto-market fluctuations by means of automated trading. According to Trade Santa

The Coinbase Blog

ZRX is now available to trade on Coinbase Pro

ZRX trading on Coinbase Pro is now fully live. ZRX–USD, ZRX–BTC and ZRX–EUR order books are now in full trading mode. Limit, market and stop

James Anderson

CoinMarketCap Prices Glitched

The coin tracking giant which is one of the most popular places for tracking coin prices recently experienced incorrect prices, with some being rather inflated

Angelica Ballesteros

Philippines: Cryptocurrency trading rules eyed

Cryptocurrency exchanges could be allowed to operate as trading platforms in the Philippines given growing global interest in virtual currencies, the Securities and Exchange Commission

Anthony Cuthbertson

Crypto Markets: Panic Mode Installed

Bitcoin, ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies have plummeted in price, with analysts warning that the market has hit “panic mode”. Ethereum experienced the biggest drop in

Press Release

CoinBene Starts Trading Electroneum

Global exchange launches fast-growing cryptocurrency’s inaugural trades in five new continental markets One of the world’s fastest-growing altcoins, Electroneum (ETN), which has more than two




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