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EToro Rolls Out Cryptocurrency Wallet

Israeli social trading and investing platform eToro rolled out its own cryptocurrency wallet, to be launched in a phased manner, on the basis of user,


LOBSTR Partners with DigitalBits to Launch XDB Wallet

Popular cryptocurrency wallet LOBSTR, a leading supporter of Stellar Lumens (XLM) tokens, has partnered with loyalty rewards blockchain project DigitalBits (XDB) to launch a proprietary


Ethereum lands on Wirex Platform

Wirex launches Ethereum Wallet within weeks of XRP launch. Hot on the heels of their successful XRP launch, Wirex has delighted its 1.8 million clients

Lucian Armasu

John McAfee’s Bitfi Wallet Keeps Getting Hacked

Researchers were able to hack the “unhackable” Bitfi cryptocurrency wallet for a second time, forcing the company to drop the unhackable claim for its product.

Chris Merriman

The John McAfee, Bitfi and Hackers Saga Continues

BLOCKCHAIN Man In Black John McAfee has hit back at people claiming to have ‘hacked’ his new baby cryptocurrency wallet Bitfi. In a typically bombastic tweet, he retorted to

The Coinbase Blog

Toshi is now Coinbase Wallet

Today, we’re proud to announce that Toshi is becoming Coinbase Wallet. This is not just a new name, but part of a larger effort to

Ken Hanly

Binance crypto exchange buys Trusted Wallet

The world’s largest crypto exchange based on volume, Binance, has bought the wallet company Trust Wallet in its first acquisition. The company confirmed that the

Mike Moore

HTC Exodus: the blockchain phone

Blockchain is everywhere at the moment, with the technology making headlines around the world with its potentially game-changing applications (as well as frequent valuing fluctuations)

Lexie M

What is a paperwallet?

What’s the best way to store your Bitcoin? Who knowns how many Bitcoin are recorded in a globally distributed ledger called the blockchain. Each account has

Simon Golstein

Bitcoin smartnotes Now Available in Singapore

The smartnotes are cold storage units of relatively low value which cannot be replicated. As cryptocurrency gains mainstream acceptance we have seen Bitcoin take on


Is your Crypto Secure from Hackers?

Do you sometimes leave your exchange account logged in after a trading session? Would it be possible to guess or find out the recovery information




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