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The Hottest New Crypto Collectible Game is World of Ether

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Crypto collectibles are the new biggest craze in blockchain, and the most anticipated of these games is World of Ether.

Commonly misspelled “crypto collectable,” these blockchain games have blown up in revenue as they show actual decentralized applications (dapps) working on a public blockchain.

Within the past 2 months, there has been over $60,000,000 transacted within these games. 

Up to this point, most games are still simple in game mechanics and copy a template from previous games (oftentimes CryptoKitties).

World of Ether ( created a new template and recently became the most anticipated of these games. Crypto-gamers are paying a minimum of .65 ETH just to start.

The game is founded by the co-founder of the largest Ethereum meetup group in the world, and his brother, who’s a senior developer at GitHub.

In it, “explorers” battle, breed, and collect monsters. Explorers can earn ETH by selling and siring monsters. Explorers can level up, gain experience from battling, and get permanent credit for discovering a new monster.

The game is one of the only few to not use procedurally generated art. Everything in it is custom made, and highly stylized. It’s being designed to compete artistically with top mainstream video games.

With no outreach, the game went viral on social media, and sold half a million dollars of presale assets in just its first two days of release.

One of their new whales came in on Friday, buying $22,000 of presale assets to use in the main game.

A week before, the game announced a partnership with Coinbase’s Toshi.

Most crypto collectible games are only in English. World of Ether is the first to be translated into Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, French, and Spanish. EtherCraft, another popular crypto-game, comes close, being translated into Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

In its Telegram it is being predicted to help bring crypto to the mainstream.

As happened with CryptoKitties, there have already been 4 games that have used World of Ether’s HTML as a template for their own.


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