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The e-commerce market for creative assets is still in its development phase. Not much vital advancement has taken place yet. As a result, the consumers and sellers are still paying higher fees and commissions, not getting the value their works deserves while the platform providers earn huge amount of money in the form of commission and transaction fees. Though, things have changed now. The blockchain technology has almost revamped the entire e-commerce market for goods and services. The market for creative assets is no exception. Several startups are approaching (suggestion: are rising up, are standing up) to revolutionize the e-commerce market by utilizing the distributed ledger technology. One of these companies is CraftR. CraftR jumped in the e-commerce market of creative assets with an ultimate aim of reducing or eliminating the hefty commissions, reducing the transaction fees and providing a safe, secure and transparent crypto payments gateway.  

About CraftR

CraftR is a secure, smart and easy-to-use and decentralized platform specifically designed for freelancers and developers who are willing to engage in buying and selling of  creative digital assets on peer to peer network built on the blockchain. It is aiming to disrupt the e-commerce market of creative assets by bringing the decentralized services on web 3.0. CraftR will feature crypto token payments, an integrated wallet, a storage facility, lower or almost zero transaction fees and much more.

Freelancers and developers will be able to showcase their skills/products/services on the platform to attract the potential buyers who are in search of suitable skills and products for their (incomplete) projects. The freelancers and developers will be able to offer the wide range of creative digital assets such as media files, digital tutorials, 2D & 3D objects, scripts,  templates, programming services and coding skills, etc. directly to the buyers without paying any sort of commissions and transaction fees. The transactions may be monitored? to keep the track of it to get confirmed and seamless functioning of the platform.

Key features of CraftR – E-commerce platform for creative digital assets

  • The wide range of digital creative assets
  • CRAFTR payment system (Zero transaction fees and commissions)
  • Removal of intermediary
  • Reward and referral system
  • Built-in storage facility (web wallet)
  • Premium services – 4 different tiers of premium services
  • Ranking system
  • CraftR IDE
  • Bounty program
  • Advertising system

How does it work?

Being a decentralized platform or simply an e-commerce marketplace for digital creative assets; sellers, freelancers and developers will be able to post their digital products, services and skills in editable sections with necessary details and preview regarding their digital assets. The customers or buyers will approach different vendors, depending on their requirements, to buy the particular digital product. The sellers or vendors will get paid in the form of CRFT tokens (the native ERC20 tokens of CraftR platform). Though, vendors will have to set a price in USD that will later be translated into crypto tokens.

The CRFT tokens are available and you can buy them from the token sale which is currently live. Later the tokens will be available on the major crypto exchanges from where the users can buy them to use the services of CraftR marketplace.

To ensure the originality of the product & violation of rights, CraftR has also created the protocol for product reviews and management. Every single digital asset posted by the vendors will be reviewed by the staff to confirm the originality and to ensure that it does not infringe on the rights and properties of third parties. If the product meets the predefined requirements, only then the sellers will be able to post it on the market otherwise it will be rejected straight away.

Currently, the CraftR marketplace is still in the development phase and there will be three versions of the platform available for the user. Each of them will be an iteration of the previous version with rock-solid facilities & top-tier services.

Apart from that, the users will be able to manage the various aspects of their product that they buy/sell, have complete control over their transactions, eligibility to participate in bounty programs, User product management, reward and referral system, ranking protocol and CraftR IDE (Integrated Development Kit).


The CraftR ICO has already started on 15th of June and will end on the 15th of September. CRFT tokens will be distributed to the investors on an ERC20 compatible wallet. Each CRFT token will cost around 0.00025 ETH. There will be 33.3 million tokens be available as pre-mined tokens out of 100 million and 3.3 million will be reserved. The rest of them will be released in consecutive years via mining. As per the current token distribution pattern, 62% token will be sold through the ICO, 2% will be used in reward and referral programs, 2% for bounties, 30% for the swap, 1.5% for the development and marketing each and 1% for building the strong foundation.  

CRFT tokens are utility tokens which can be used on the CraftR market platform for various services they offer. Moreover, popular ICO rating and review services such as ICObench (3.9/5), found ICO (8.8/10), ICO alerts and Track ICO (4.3/5) have ranked this project high because of promising investment opportunity.The sale will be ending soon and so will the discount available for the token buyers. You can check the discount and bounty programs available on the website:

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