Tipsy – The World’s First Blockchain-Based Adult Entertainment Platform

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TIPSY is an ambitious young project to pioneer the international adult entertainment market using Blockchain Technology, Virtual Reality,  Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse and  Cloud Gaming all under one roof platform, the Tipsy world.

Started near the end of 2018, Tipsy was founded by CEO Ștefan Rocheanu, and represents the comprehensive body of work of the TipsyLabs team, bringing together tech, cryptocurrency, gaming and 3D design experienced professionals.

Tipsy was born out of the strong desire to innovate the world of adult entertainment. Although this industry is one of the most prolific one globally, its operations are based on outdated technologies and on security lacking protocols. In this context, TipsyLabs developer team embarked on a journey to create a new market niche.

The Tipsy Platform is a complete solution for the needs of the modern adult.

Tipsy pledges to revolutionize the entertainment industry by creating the world’s first blockchain-based adult-friendly entertainment ecosystem.

Tipsy is entirely powered by blockchain technology, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the desire to innovate. It even has its own metaverse. The platform, which is currently under development, brings users,models, and developers together. Tipsy collects the best services, apps, games, media, and merchandise under the same roof, creating a virtual one-stop solution for every entertainment need imaginable.


Tipsy Platform Main Pillars

Innovation. The highlight of the platform is TipsyWorld, an innovative and completely virtual world. A metaverse where users can meet and interact in 3D using avatars. Buying or selling land and properties inside the TipsyWorld, trading NFTs, and solving quests are just some of the features TipsyLabs promises for this digital playground.


Land Sale Platform

The platform is a 5-level, all under one roof digital playground. Purchasing land in Tipsy World is only possible with Tipsy tokens. Land parcels, hotels,bars, clubs, gaming arenas – such digital parcels will bring their owners a passive stream of income in the future and will attract investors from all around the world.


NFT Evolution Collection

3 Collections LIVE on opensea  with more collections to come. Users can trade a total of 100 NFTs, each one unique, that will open new possibilities in the Metaverse. Each NFT category unlocks a different set of skills and features in the TipsyWorld and will be used to solve quests or gain access to special places.


Security and Confidentiality

Through the use blockchain technology the Tipsy ecosystem is safe, easily accessible and scalable. Confidentiality being a key element that adults expect and require while accessing entertainment platforms, Tipsy implements it in all the modules it will develop for the platform.



The Tipsy ecosystem is complex and offers multiple open-source models on the platform. Moreover, using virtual reality (VR) technology allows users to enjoy the full array of entertainment on offer and delivers an unparalleled immersive experience. More so, in a modern use of artificial intelligence, whenever he avatars are not being controlled by a real person, they are capable of interacting in the virtual world on their own, driven by AI.



Combining the main modules through the native apps like TipsyCam, TipsyMarket, TipsyXchange, the platform will atrtact consumers, active models but many other external developers and business too. The Tipsy ecosystem will sustain itself through very small fees, fueling the adult businesses of tomorrow. And thanks to cloud gaming tech, the entire platform can be streamed on all gadgets with a web browser.


With Tipsy’s fascinating blend of cutting-edge technologies and human interaction in a one-stop virtual world, it’s clear that entertainment will never be the same. The future is Tipsy.

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