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Top 3 Undervalued Cryptocurrencies for January 2018

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Let’s get right to the point, no time for fluff really. I’ll just begin breaking this down in no particular order and add justification as to why these are my top 3 picks “under the radar.”
<bear in mind, pardon my grammar – rough around the edges.. I really don’t care for grammar and I type like I speak> and nothing I say is to be deemed as FINANCIAL ADVICE.. just a guy giving his opinion on some cryptos. That said! Off we go!


While I have not read the whitepaper as it’s over 60 pages of mathematics beyond me.. There are some very interesting facts that you should key into..

• The coin has JUST STARTED.. they just ended the ICO about a month ago and they are just finalizing the test net as of the end of December. So there’s no doubt about it they are in their early stages.. (hence under radar)

• The Founder is Hitters Xu.. whom is also the founder of Antshares… which rebranded into the well known NEO!
so we’ve established a track record here right off the bat. Credibility.

• Hitters brought with him.. the Co-founder of Nebulas: Aero Wang.. also the Co-founder of NEO.

• The team goes on, fairly large, many great advisors.

• There is a photo in the powerpoint on their site with the team. In the middle of the photo you can see Vitalik Buterin. The relation you might ask? When Hitters was asked if there’s any involvement with Vitalik or the possibility of working together, the answer was affirmative and the possibility is high.

• Hitters is now working out of the United States from my understanding, in Silicon Valley I believe.

• Enough about Hitters… THE PROJECT: A BLOCKCHAIN SEARCH ENGINE. what!? yes. you heard correctly… with a ranking system.. hence the very long whitepaper. to… rival google?? …. hopefully! we shall see.

• Smart Contracts. Dapps. The whole 9 yards. these guys aren’t new to the blockchain. c’mon need I remind you it’s the founder of NEO….. Ok so from the sound of things the project will be much larger than “just a decentralized search engine” in the interview with BlockchainBrad… I’ll give you the link but stay with me here:

It sounds like the project will be much larger in the sense that it could be a self-evolving computer? maybe a super-computer? While Hitters English isn’t perfect you’ve gotta give him credit for speaking English vice a translator.

• Oh yeah, one more thing I wanted to mention.. the price… it’s currently around $6 bucks per. with a a supply of around 100 mil.. that would make a market cap of around 600 mil… not even 1 Billion…. as of writing this NEO is sitting at around 6 Bil, and Ethereum at around 100 Bil… ask yourself, does this sound like a project worth more than a Billion Dollars?

Alright moving on down the list…


• As of writing this, PURE sits at rank 435 on coin market cap.. not even in the top 100.. not nearly..

• PURE is a MASTERNODE type coin. Translation? for 2500 Pure you can own a masternode. A masternode is a NODE of the pure blockchain. technically you’d run it 24/7 on a private server.. ever heard of a DASH MASTERNODE?

• Currently you can acquire one of these masternodes (abbreviated MN btw) for about $10k usd.. and running that MN 24/7 would generate about 1,160.12 every month (variable).. mind you I say variable because the payout is obviously dependant upon the price per Pure… hopefully I didn’t lose you guys on that.

• I have to share with you guys this incredible tutorial video for setting up a Masternode.. tedious but it’s amazing. He even reveals a SUPER CHEAP VPS… I think so. compared to say.. VULTR.. because! you can add an IP to your VPS for a one time fixed fee of like $10 bucks. While VULTR charges $2 every month.. big difference..

• I mention PURE here, because it’s not exactly easy to find a good Masternode coin… this one is still undervalued in my opinion as it only has a market cap of 13 mil.

• PURE transactions are anonymous using darksend technology and transactions are instant with InstantSend integration.

#3 NAV Coin (NAV)

• NAV Coin is currently ranked 116 on coinmarketcap and has a market cap of 220 mil. While it has had some gains .. I don’t think they are nearly done. They have a strong team and a lot of determination.

• The wallet. While not perfect or flashy.. it’s better than the average QT wallet you see and from my testing, the staking works great!

• Speaking of STAKING.. while the gains are NOT IMMENSE.. it’s only about 4% (used to be 5%) it went ot 4% because that 1% now goes to a COMMUNITY FUND.

• The COMMUNITY FUND is another great feature… because that’s a POT OF CRYPTO that the COMMUNITY gets to decide what it gets spent on to BETTER THE NAV Coin.

• Did you know NAV Coin had NO PREMINE, and NO ICO. This is kindof a big deal. ICO is not always looked at as a negative aspect.. and premine it’s case by case… depending on premine usages.. but here… we take all of that OUT OF QUESTION… it’s neutral and cannot be judged based on a premine nor ico. I think that’s great!

• Lastly. Some coins don’t even have a wallet. most do. and even less have an app.. let alone a functional non-buggy ap. That said. NAV Coin has NavPay a funcitonal downloadable ap that merchants online are accpeting! That’s a pretty big deal. Mind you the merchants are not any big box retailers… but perhaps in the future they may be…

OK, so thanks for reading my review here. I’m always on the lookout for sleeper coins or “coins under the radar” .. I’m sure you guys are too or you wouldn’t be so interested. No point in jumping in after the explosion right? 🙂

I’m out there. I’m CryptoTrends… you’ll be hearing more about me soon so please subscribe to stay in touch. I was shouting Cardano when it was 10 cents! and when people said hi to me all I could say was “Cardano!” so I’m always on the lookout for the next big one.

Author: daehbew

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