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Jeyanth is an expert in the fields of blockchain, NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, and fintech; working as a writer, business analyst, and editor for Clarisco Solutions, a blockchain development company that specializes in NFT marketplace development.

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We all know what an NFT is. We all know they’re awesome (yes, it’s a fact. Deal with it.). But we’re not here to talk about NFTs. The topic of this blog, as you can see in the title, is the top 7 white label NFT marketplaces in 2022.

But first, what exactly is an NFT marketplace, and what does the term “white label” mean?

An NFT marketplace is usually a website, app, or both, which serves as a place to find, purchase, sell and trade NFTs. Although you can buy NFTs directly from an artist, there are several benefits of conducting transactions through a marketplace.

White label software is a piece of software or code developed by one entity and sold to another entity without any branding so that the buyers can add their own logo and market it as their own software.

So if you put the two terms together, you should have a pretty good idea of what a white label NFT marketplace is and what it can be used for.


Benefits of an NFT marketplace    

It is a huge hassle to design, develop and maintain a personal website for selling NFTs. That’s the main reason why artists prefer using a ready-made NFT marketplace. For a small fee, the NFT is exposed to a large audience and maximizes the odds of selling the NFT for a profitable price. Most NFT exchanges have several features which help both buyers and sellers, such as auctions, multiple payment methods, customer support etc., and since this is still a new business model, there’s plenty of room for creativity and innovation. But for most people, money is a huge issue. Developing an NFT marketplace is a daunting task, which is why we recommend using white label NFT marketplace which are replicas of pre-existing software, which can be customized to your heart’s content.

With that intro out of the way, let’s take a look at the top 7 white-label NFT marketplaces that are in high demand in 2022.


1.  OpenSeas

OpenSea has been operating since 2018 and is one of the most well-known NFT marketplaces in the world. The platform boldly stated on their website that they are the world’s largest NFT Marketplace. For many years, White label opensea clone scripts have been in high demand because a lot of people consider Openseas to be the gold standard when it comes to NFT marketplaces. The ability to self-list is a major emphasis of OpenSea. Artists may set up a market for their NFTs without having to pay a commission or platform charge, which is what caused it to become the top searched NFT marketplace on the internet.

2.  Coinbase NFT

Ever since it launched, Coinbase has been a mainstay in the cryptocurrency exchange business. This year, they have decided to expand into the NFT marketplace domain with their “Coinbase NFT” platform. Although it is still in beta, it is exceptionally popular thanks to the association and tight integration with already existing and popular coinbase services such as their crypto exchange and wallet. To safeguard both content providers and investors, the vast majority of individual NFT postings are validated with a “blue check” to avoid frauds. The site also creates a customized NFT feed based on your watching habits and history, with increasingly accurate and exact recommendations as you explore.

These features have been huge hits within the NFT sphere, which is why Coinbase NFT clones are so popular. Instead of building these features from scratch, simply use the prebuilt white label software and then tweak them to better suit your needs.

3.  Wazirx

The cryptocurrency industry is valued at over $2 trillion dollars, with over 4000 cryptocurrencies in circulation. WazirX was created to ensure that 1 billion Indians are not left behind in the crypto race. Now, the platform has expanded to operate globally, providing different services including an NFT marketplace. Besides the friendly UI and cross platform support, the platform has a unique referral system where they offer a 20% platform fee for each referral. WazirX’s blockchain infrastructure is scalable and fast enough to process millions of transactions in a matter of seconds, which adds to its long list of advantages over competitors, so the marketability of wazirX clone scripts is very high.

4.  Solanart

Solanart is the first fully-fledged NFT marketplace on Solana. It is completely trustless and all transactions are conducted through encrypted P2P connections. Solanart was the first of its kind on the Solana blockchain network, which is why it is so popular. The UI and features are intuitive, and long time users of the solana platform will feel comfortable using Solanart. The same can be said for why Solanart clone scripts are so popular. They give a sense of familiarity, and increase user retention.

5.  Binance NFT

Following the success of the Binance exchange platform, the tech giant launched a successful NFT marketplace in 2021. The main selling points of the binance marketplace are the low minting fees, beginner-friendly UI and tight integration with the Binance ecosystem, as well as being interoperable with the ethereum network. The platform is a mixed marketplace with a variety of NFT categories such as gaming, sports, entertainment, art, and even Mystery Boxes, where you may gather random NFTs of varied rarities. When it comes to crypto, binance is unmatched in terms of active users and trading volume, which is why Binance NFT clone scripts are always in high demand.

6.  Pancakeswap NFT

PancakeSwap is a leading DEX on the BNB smart chain, and followed in the footsteps of binance by starting an NFT marketplace in 2021. Besides the tight integration and exclusive work from certain high profile artists, the platform boasts a large and active user base. The advantage of using a Pancakeswap clone is that people who have used pancakeswap will feel comfortable using the clone, which makes it easy to bring in new users.

7.  NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot has become one of the most famous names in the burgeoning NFT business thanks to approved branding provided by the National Basketball Association (NBA).

In a way similar to traditional sports trading cards, the NFT platform allows NBA fans to purchase tokens that represent various periods in NBA history. NBA Top Shot is one of the most successful NFT collectibles of all time, with over $600 million in sales. NBA Top Shot has been able to carve out its own position in the experimental arena of NFT markets thanks to its familiarity with other types of conventional sports memorabilia. This is why NBA Top Shot clones are ideal for these types of businesses.

That concludes this list. Although there are many more popular options, this list is not long enough to fit them all. Do you think this list is accurate? Did we miss any of your favorites? Feel free to let us know!


Jeyanth is an expert in the fields of blockchain, NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, and fintech; working as a writer, business analyst, and editor for Clarisco Solutions, a blockchain development company that specializes in NFT marketplace development.

Article reflects author's own opinion.

In any circumstances can CCG be responsible for potential losses regarding investments or services, either referenced by the author in the article or by any links provided.

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  1. Like mentioned NFT marketplaces are new business module, there is always a new change. Likewise, the second-half of 2022 has different white-label marketplace in the top. OpenSea remains unbeatable in firstplace while Rarible entered the race and stands second. Nextcomes BInance NFT marketplace and then SuperRare. The NFT marketplace development seems to be a great business as it generates high ROIs in this digital era.

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