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Antony Peyton launches crypto-to-crypto exchange with it’s own TIO token

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The Swiss firm says for the first time, traders will be able to control the layout of their platform, all built on the backbone of a peer-to-peer exchange. It raised over $31 million in January this year.

Jim Preissler, CEO of, says it has been designed to “give power back to customers by democratising and disrupting the financial industry” and it is “recapturing revenue and distributing it back to customers”.

He adds: “Whilst our exchange will be initially a crypto-to-crypto exchange, in the very imminent future, our clients will expect to see a much wider range of popular tradable instruments including fiat, forex pairs, commodities and much more.”

The firm says its public registration for free trade tokens will be available until 6 July 2018.

According to the company, the biggest challenge for any exchange – both in regular equity, fixed income and FX markets and in crypto markets is allowing its traders to access quality liquidity. states that it has solved this issue by supplementing the peer-to-peer nature of the exchange with its liquidity pool.

This enables to act as a market maker, ensuring the market acts “rationally and is competitive”.

The firm explains it’s similar in concept to the market making activity of investment banks and brokers.

Up to 50% of profits generated as a by-product of its trading activity will be distributed to participants of the liquidity pool – into which contributors need to commit’s utility token, called TIO.

This liquidity pool will be activated approximately one month following the launch of the exchange.

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