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TradeSanta, a software providing cloud-based crypto trading services, is conducting the contest for users who want to win one of ten TradeSanta’s yearlong subscriptions. The basic plan you might land includes up to 49 trading bots, unlimited number of pairs, all strategies, Telegram notifications and general support from the team.

TradeSanta says that with this contest, it aims to spread awareness about the benefits of trading crypto with bots. The challenge allows people from all over the world not only to take part in the race for free bots but also learn something new about crypto trading and enjoy the process. 

All that participants need to do is go to the page with the contest and take a funny crypto quiz that will determine their level of expertise in trading cryptocurrencies. The quiz is built in such a way that it is interesting either for a newbie or a professional.

After taking the quiz and getting the results, the users will be asked to share them on social media platforms and add two tags: #tradesantatest and #tradingbots.

On March 1, the TradeSanta team will randomly choose 10 winners and will send them direct messages.

TradeSanta bots help cryptocurrency traders keep track of movement in price 24/7 and place up to 100 more orders when compared with manual traders. It eliminates emotional quotient from trading and is available on top of Android and iOS.

Such a software gives a significant advantage to individual traders in inefficient cryptocurrency markets where institutions still don’t perform the same level of activity as they do in the traditional markets.

In addition to the Basic plan you can win by taking part in the current contest, TradeSanta has got other options.

With the Free Plan, you can run up to 2 bots, with the HitBTC promo, it is up to 49 bots and with the Maximum Plan, you have access to an unlimited number of bots.

All the plans, including the yearlong Basic plan you might want to compete for until the end of February, cover all strategies, Telegram notifications and general support.

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