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Uncovering the Bitcoin Creator-Satoshi Nakamoto

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Satoshi Nakamoto believed to be of Japanese descent

The name Satoshi Nakamoto is of Japanese origin bringing the believes that the bitcoin creator could be a Japanese computer scientist or a team of computer programmers. The are some theories roaming on the internet that bitcoin could have been created by the CIA but to date no official information regarding the origin of bitcoin has been releases by the CIA.

This still leaves us with the a lot of unanswered questions. Is Satoshi Nakamoto a group or a single person? was bitcoin created by the US security agency CIA? Why would Satoshi Disappear just after launching one of the world’s most innovative technology?

The answer to the last question could be easily anticipated as satoshi would have foreseen that bitcoin usages would bring a lot of controcies with security agencies around the world. This came to be true as bitcoin became the currency of choice widely used on the darkweb, an uncensored part of the internet where everything’s ranging from human body parts military hardwares and information is up for sale. Certainly Satoshi would have had a series of troubles had he disclosed his identity.

NSA and other security agencies attempts to unmask Satoshi

The National Security Agency of the United States, NSA carried out several attempts to unmask the creator of bitcoin satoshi Nakamoto. Some of the Methods adopted by NSA involved using Artificial intelligence in writing pattern recognition softwares to compare known articles written by Satoshi in his website bitcointalk to a list of other personalities expected to be the bitcoin creator.

It is reported that the department of homeland security in the United States has successfully known the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. The used of the writing pattern recognition technology stylometry is said to have unlocked satoshi’s real identity.

Till now the neither the NSA nor the department of homeland security has yet publicly confirmed that the true identity of the controversial bitcoin creator is known to them. This bring us to the same conclusion that no one still knows the real identity of Satoshi to date.

Possible personalities who could actually be the bitcoin  creator Satoshi Nakamoto

meanwhile a list of personalities have been aligned by the media and some security agencies as well for possibilities of being the real satoshi nakamoto.

Among the people suspected of being satoshi include the Australian computer scientist and businessman Craig Wright. The surprising fact about Craig Wright is that he goes all over the media claiming he is the creator of bitcoin satoshi nakamoto which leaves us with a lot of doubt that he might just be seeking media attention and actually knows nothing about the real Satoshi.

The lists of other personalities suspected to be Satoshi Nakamoto include, Hal Finney, a computer scientist who already passed on in 2014 and Nick Szabo both are renown American computer scientist and cryptographers.


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