Whitelabel Crypto Exchange Software with neoteric features by Zab Technologies

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Zab Technologies, one of the best Blockchain development companies has released its new version of White label Crypto Exchange Software for clients across the globe.

White label services have gained crucial importance in the crypto industry. These solutions instantly help entrepreneurs to launch a trading platform instantly. If in case anyone has urgent requirements, this will be much more beneficial.

“We have released Whitelabel crypto exchange software with upgraded features to enhance the profits for our clients. In addition to this, we have delivered white label solutions for all types of industries. Be it a Healthcare, Banking or any type of domains, we offer outcomes regardless of complexities.”, started the Chief Official at Coinsclone.

The crucial aim of the agency is to bring in profitable and money-making results for the clients. In addition to development, they also act as a pioneer in Marketing solutions for Blockchain products.

Initially, they would gather business requirements from global clients. They would shoot out the queries if any. Once everything is verified, the jurisdictions are checked, the requirements are analyzed. Finally, they come up with an idea.

The expert developers at Zab start designing & developing the software as per the given requirements. Once the process of development is over, each and every module is tested and is ready for deployment.

While in the case of white label services, everything is ready-made and hence the client just needs to brand them in accordance with their choice. Zab Technologies thus has implemented them and offers White label crypto exchange software with upgraded features!

Here are some of the top-notch features they have integrated into the White label crypto exchange software:

  1. Mobile Trading App
  2. IEO Module/ Launchpad
  3. Security Token Exchange
  4. Margin Trading
  5. Liquidity API
  6. Atomic Swaps
  7. Multi-currency pairing
  8. Crypto Wallet Integration
  9. Referral Program
  10. Trading Bot
  11. Futuristic CMS
  12. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API
  13. Rest API
  14. Matching Engine
  15. Leverage Trading
  16. Market Making

“We have integrated these features into our software for now. We have asked for suggestions and feedback from the client end. Once they are gathered, we start integrating them as well.”, “said the Chief Official at Zab Technologies.

About Zab Technologies:

With a good experience in Blockchain Industry, Zab Technologies remains to be the pioneer in delivering fruitful solutions. There are around 50+ pool of experts who remain themselves updated with the latest as well as advanced technologies for a robust outcome.

They excel in the Development & Marketing of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Initial Coin Offering, Security Token Offering, Coin Creation, etc. Zab has so far catered around 100+ solutions across the globe by gaining the potential trust and positive results from the clientele. They offer their support 24*7 and are responsible to turn your business ideas & dreams into reality!   

To know more about them, refer here: https://zabtechnologies.net

Write to us at [email protected]

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