XiXcoin, LLC Launches Initial Currency Opening of XiXcoin®

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Press Release

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SAN ANTONIO, February 2, 2020 – XiXcoin, LLC (“XiXcoin”) has launched its initial currency opening (ICO) of XiXcoin®, providing the first true peer-to-peer (P2P) digital currency that is simple, safe, and reliable.  XiXcoin® eliminates the inefficiency and volatility of blockchain based cryptocurrency and offers advantages to non-digital, physical fiat and bullion currency. 

XiXcoin® is a digital and optionally physical, or Physidigital, currency that is held in the possession of individual customers.  Its storage, transfer, and validation occur electronically peer-to-peer (P2P) without per-transaction fees or on-going charges, removing the need for exchanges and centralized databases.  XiXcoin® may also be printed and stored offline, providing a physical record and backup of the digital currency.

“XiXcoin® is simply revolutionary,” said XiXcoin’s Managing Partners.  “It solves the many problems of today’s cryptocurrency, fiat, and bullion currency.  XiXcoin® just works.” 

The XiXcoin® digital currency serves its users and no others.  It is a sustainable, environmentally responsible medium of exchange, unreliant on blockchain technology, and that offers a safe store of value and protection for clients’ financial capital and privacy.  XiXcoin® technology, is trademark®, copyright©, and patent pending, enables a robust digital money ecosystem for peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, including an automated digital commerce, aggregator, and a minting system for XiXcoin®. 

For additional information on XiXcoin’s ICO and to download the Digital Wallet, go to www.xixcoin.com.  Once installed, the Digital Wallet facilitates the transfer of XiXcoin® for value, goods, and services from anyone over the internet.  

About XiXcoin

XiXcoin, LLC is provider of a proprietary, real-time financial service payment system capable of scaling up from the individual transaction level to the gross settlement transaction level. 

XiXcoin® is designed to remediate and eliminate: 

  • widespread theft of cryptocurrency,
  • initial coin offering (ICO) fund-raising fraud with questionable legal standing,
  • misrepresentation of technical features and smart contracts,
  • confiscation of financial capital and store of value from consumers,
  • redirection of cryptocurrency initial coin offering (ICO) capital to non-currency projects, and
  • environmental harm caused by the use of blockchain technology.


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