What Is XOXO Smart Contract ? – A Review On New Decentralized MLM

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XOXO Smart Contract 

XOXO Network is a decentralized P2P global powerline autopool system which runs On an ethereum smart contract which claims the network. To be simple the network is an cryptocurrency MLM which has been controlled by ethereum smart contract.The network has been launched on May 21,2020. There are no contract details about the admin of the XOXO Network. As by the description of the network the entire system works based on the powerline autopool system. The system claims there will be no human interaction, so there will be no chance for any humans to steal the crypto earning’s of a member. 

What is meant by the powerline autopool system ?

Which means the member registration will be done one after another, that is the network joining methodology will be done in a chronological order. So, it is very clear that XOXO is not a binary MLM, but it is a Unilevel MLM, or single structure whereas the FCFS(First Come First Served) protocol is used.  So, new users will be placed under the previously joined users based on the transaction time stamp.

How Does The XOXO Smart Contract Works? 

XOXO Network  claims it is a lucrative money making system which runs based on the principle of “for the people by the people” . People who join this ethereum network can earn unlimited ethereum with high return on investment and with no risks. You may ask how XOXO can bring zero risk to the participants ?. The Network claims there is no admin, whereas every fund transaction, membership registration, profit returns and everything inside the system can be done by a pre-built ethereum smart contract.

7 Global Auto Pool System:

XOXO networks follow an autopool system, There are 7 auto pools inside the system. Whereas the users can start to earn from any of the autoppols from 1 to 7. But to enter the autopool 2 to 7 one should complete the cycle on autopool 1 


Since it is a powerline system, it follows a globally one-line structure (single line), so the new users will be placed under the previous users, and the new users have to pay an entry amount to the previously joined user or their referrer. The transaction will be done directly from user wallet to user wallet. That’s why we called it the P2P Network. As said above the user placement will be done based on the timestamp of their entry transaction.


It is a blockchain measure, which is recorded by ethereum blockchain to keep track of the completed time of each transaction.

Entry Protocols and Fee on Each Auto Pools

Entry For Autopool 1:

To Start earning ETH from XOXO network, one should enter autopool 1. To earn from Autopool 1 one should invite or refer a user. When you join by the referral of previous users then your registration feel will be distributed to upto 4 levels of the previous joined users as below.

Registration Fee : 0.1 ETH

  • Level 1 : ( The one Who joined before you or referred you ) Gets 50% commission that is 0.5ETH
  • Level 2: Gets 25% commission that is 0.25 ETH
  • Level 3: Gets 15% Commission that is 0.15 ETH
  • Level 4 : Gets 10% Commission that is 0.10 ETH


A Cycle will be completed in autopool1 when three 3 members join below you and you will recover the registered fee at the end of the cycle.

Entry For Autopool 2: Here there is no need for direct referral you can directly join from auto pool to autopool 7. You can earn 0.30 ETH to 1.5 ETH just by referring, only three global users in any of the autopool. Auto pool 2 to 7 doesn’t require any referral, your 1 direct referral required on autopool 1 gets qualified to participate on any autotools 2 to 7.

Registration Fee : 0.1 ETH

To enter autopool 2 you should complete a cycle on auto pool 1. 

All Pools Profit Protocols :

The Pool entry fee, and other profit protocols are written in smart contract. In autopool 2 to 7  50% of commission will be paid to the sponsor or referrer. Once a member earns and cycles out from a particular autopool,  part of his earnings will be reinvested to the system to earn more passive income, and to keep constantly moving the autopool.

Hope you are not getting it. Your cycle will be completed in autopool 2 when you refer 3 people and earn 0.3 ETH, and you will be moved to autopool 3 where the joining fee will be 0.15 ETH which is 50% of the previous earning in auto pool, and while completing a cycle by joining 3 members below you you will earn 0.45 ETH as profit.

At all autoppols the commission will be distributed upto 4 levels of the previous users as below.

  • LEVEL 1 : 50%
  • LEVEL 2: 25%
  • LEVEL 3: 15%
  • LEVEL 4 : 10%


Everything will be written on the smart contract.

XOXO Network Features and Benefits 

  1. Unstoppable Protocol
  2. Requires Only 0.1 ETH To Start
  3. No Admin
  4. 100% Decentralized
  5. Un-erasable and uncheatable
  6. 100% transparent
  7. P2P Payment System
  8. No Scams/ No Hacks
  9. No Risks And High Returns
  10. Unlimited Referral Commissions
  11. Can Earn Unlimited Ethereum
  12. 07 Global Auto Pools.


How To Join Or Register In XOXO Network ?

To Join XOXO Network the company recommends to download Metamask for Desktop users, and Trustwallet for Mobile devices. After downloading the wallet, it is required to have 0.1 ETH in your ethereum wallet so you should  add 0.1ETH to your ethereum wallet.

  • Step 1: Download Meta Mask or Trust Wallet
  • Step 2: Add ETH to Meta mask or Trust Wallet ( How to Add ETH In Meta Mask  )
  • Step 3: Click the referral link sent by your referrer
  • Step 4: Then select Dapps
  • Step 5: Paste link in browser
  • Step 6: Click Done
  • Step 7: Click Register


Final Words about XOXO Smart Contract:

Even though there was a brief explanation about their system, they refuse to mention their smart contract address in their official website. This somewhat seems to be an ambiguousness of the network. Even though they mentioned some mind grabbing words like “global powerline autopool” , it is very clear that XOXO Network is a Multi level marketing scheme based on smart contracts.

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